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Restricted by the panel glass, apple is back in the arms of Samsung

apple just announced in March this (2013) that it would completely block the panels provided by Samsung Electronics in the new round of IOS devices, but the latest news from South Korea today (28) shows that Apple has been back in the arms of Samsung

led by etnews28, a South Korean media, Apple has resumed its investment in Samsung's board subsidiary samsungdisplayco Samsung's thinglass suppliers in Korea have benefited greatly from its LCD panel procurement activities. According to the report, soulbrain, Chemtronics, globaldisplay and Avatec, the four major Korean thin glass manufacturers, saw a significant turnaround in their operations in the second quarter. It is expected that the consolidated revenue in this (2013) year is expected to increase by 34% to 534billion won

Samsung and apple have made the Korean thin glass industry a big profit. Apple has used thin glass in iPhone, iPad and recent MacBook series products, while Samsung's GA ± 0.5%laxys series smart models also use this material in large quantities. In addition, Intel Corp The ultrabook ultra-thin laptop, which is being promoted, also uses thin glass in the LCD panel

as the thin glass manufacturing process is adopted by the touch panel, the relevant industries in Korea are expected to grow substantially every year; At present, there are still few competitors engaged in thin glass manufacturing in Japan and Taiwan. The industry believes that the reason why Apple decided to return to Samsung is mainly because of the thin glass

appadvice just quoted thekoreeconomicdaily on March 21 that Apple would completely block the screens made by Samsung Electronics in the new round of IOS devices, and instead purchase from lgdisplay, sharp, japandisplay and Youda (2409). The report also provided the requestforquotation (RFQ) sent by apple to major suppliers. It can be seen from the plasma process developed by KHS company in Hamburg, Germany that Samsung is not included in the list of suppliers

the report points out that the inquiry sheet is usually sent months before the product is published, so that suppliers can have sufficient time to ship, which is the leading step in the procurement process of parts and components; If the apple manufacturing process is about to change, you can also get reliable clues from the inquiry. According to the report, apple is scheduled to launch iphone5s this summer (2013), ipad5 and the second generation ipadmini will be launched later this year, and these three devices will all have "retinadisplay"

in South Korea, this testing machine is mainly used for static tensile properties of materials and parts. The koreatimes conducted it on November 7 last year. Kimhak Kyun, chief analyst of kdbdaewoosecurities, pointed out that if the supply relationship between Samsung and Apple's parts and components breaks down, Apple will face a serious problem of parts supply. In contrast, Samsung has established its own supply chain structure to reduce its heavy dependence on apple. In an interview with the Korean times, a fund manager of a European investment bank also said that Apple was facing a very tight supply problem, even for the iphone5, because Apple tried to exclude Samsung from the supply chain of panels and other components. Zhonghua glass () Department

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