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Many solid wood door manufacturers in Yunnan are vigorously looking for franchisees. In order to expand their interests, their brands can also be well promoted. Is this good or bad? Now let's take a look at the wooden door market to see how we should make the most correct choice, so that the enterprise can get better development and take a further step

at this stage, the number of physical stores and experience stores with wooden doors is rising rapidly. Market expansion is not inappropriate for the development of Mumen franchisees. As many market resources as Mumen franchisees have, they will have many advantages in the competition. However, expansion is not a panacea. Blind expansion will not achieve the expected results, but will outweigh the losses

it is reported that the most active expansion in the door industry is not large wooden door enterprises or mature wooden door brands, but small and medium-sized wooden door enterprises with relatively weak strength and low popularity. The golden nine and silver ten have passed, and the giants in the wooden door industry have also turned their attention to the operation next year, and their control over the market has weakened. Small and medium-sized wooden door enterprises can take advantage of this opportunity to expand their market space

the more space an enterprise occupies in the market, the more likely it is to be favored by consumers. At present, under the situation of low brand loyalty and serious market homogenization, occupying enough market space is undoubtedly the best way to attract consumers. The counter attack of small and medium-sized wooden door enterprises will also gain more chances of victory by virtue of their high market share

however, as mentioned above, blind expansion is extremely easy to lose more than gain. The strength of small and medium-sized wooden door enterprises is weak, and it is difficult to support the huge market demand in terms of production equipment, manufacturing technology and talent reserves. The blind expansion of small and medium-sized wooden door enterprises is bound to increase the demand of consumers. However, the demand is large, but the production level and operation mechanism cannot be improved synchronously, which will only lead to the birth of a production mode that does not pay attention to quality, and finally, lose the trust of consumers, Accelerate the speed of being eliminated by the market

moreover, although large-scale wooden door enterprises have relaxed their control over the market at this stage, large-scale wooden door enterprises holding market control have their own advantages in the competition. Even if the market space of small and medium-sized wooden door enterprises has been expanded, it is difficult to raise their own strength to a new level in a short time, not to mention that small and medium-sized wooden door enterprises alone consume a lot of resources to expand space, It is simply unable to compete with large enterprises

therefore, small and medium-sized wooden door enterprises should not blindly expand the market. In the case of unclear market direction, they would rather stand still than be strong

therefore, according to the analysis of the general situation, we should not blindly expand the area by relying on doors and windows, but strive to win in stability and use our own advantages to seize the market, so as to rise steadily in the long-term development





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