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The trust and choice of dealers is the greatest recognition of the enterprise. Thanks to the joint efforts of more than 2100 stores in Cohen, today's vigorous development of Cohen kitchen appliances is possible. Today, went to Chen Lingyun, a dealer of Cohen in Pingliang, Gansu Province, to share the story of President Chen's Cohen brand

[HC360]: what brand advantages does Cohen kitchen appliances have to attract you

[President Chen]: I was engaged in the sales of bathroom products before. With the gradual increase of the share of the kitchen appliance industry in the overall home appliance market, in 2015, I decided to join the kitchen appliance brand and choose the Cohen brand. On the one hand, it has strong brand promotion, and there are advertisements on major online industry websites and offline high-speed railway stations and other places with dense traffic. On the other hand, I personally like the design of Cohen's full range of kitchen appliances, which can be described as "love at first sight". At the same time, it has exquisite production skills and good product quality. Brand power and product power are the important reasons why I choose Cohen

[HC360]: as a new dealer, what help did Cohen give you at that time

[President Chen]: at the beginning of joining, I had deep feelings about the company's assistance. First of all, before the opening, the layout designer of Cohen headquarters helped us design a complete set of store decoration and product layout drawings. Cohen headquarters also sent professional business education elites to the store to help guide the store decoration, which is also the reason why my store can open smoothly in a short time. Secondly, after the opening, we organized large and small promotional activities, and the company's business education team followed the guidance throughout the process. Moreover, Cohen business school also regularly holds online and offline business training activities. Cohen company spared no effort to teach us about terminal stores all the time, which benefited me a lot

[HC360]: what are the main channels through which your store sells at present

[General Manager Chen]: we have a professional sales team, which mainly does product promotion by running to the community. We also regularly hold single store preferential activities and participate in promotional activities such as different industry alliances, which will help to improve sales

[HC360]: then how do you weigh the usual terminal sales and promotion planning, or how do you achieve continuous improvement in the usual sales and activity sales

[General Manager Chen]: organically combine the two, like the two legs of a person, they are indispensable. Usually, they should take the initiative to return calls and provide door-to-door services to improve sales. At the same time, only by actively carrying out activities, actively planning and cooperating with the stores can we really have a volume

[HC360]: after more than three years of business development, what changes or progress do you think you and Cohen have respectively

[President Chen]: "over the past three years of cooperation with Cohen, we have also witnessed the development of the kitchen electricity market. Although business is getting harder and harder year by year, we still maintain growth." At the same time, President Chen also said frankly, "over the past three years, Cohen has given greater support. From the original simple production and sales cooperation mode, it has upgraded a series of brand marketing modes such as production, sales, training and service." This is also the guarantee to maintain the continuous growth of store sales

[HC360]: Thank you very much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to share your business with us. I believe Cohen will continue to forge ahead in the future, work intensively with the spirit of ingenuity, combine advanced technology with humanistic care, and bring more families a better cooking experience. I also wish President Chen a prosperous business and a wide range of financial resources




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