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at the end of the day, is your dinner porridge with green vegetables, or spicy pot, boiled fish? As the night wanes, are you reading quietly under the lamp, or are you overdrawn in your nightlife? Walking on the street, do you prefer plain noodles or heavy makeup... We face too many choices in life, simple and complex; Low profile and publicity; There are meat and vegetables. Nowadays, exhausted urbanites are increasingly aware that perhaps the plain "plain life" is a good medicine to resist impetuosity

"vegetarian" can live a long life

Zhu Xishou, a scholar in the Qing Dynasty, said: "vegetarian is not turbid", but now there are many people who "Turbid". More and more people often live under the conditions of overeating, eating too much meat, drinking too much wine, and often pursue heavy taste, with less oil and salt, which makes them feel smelly; Pepper, pepper put less, feel not satisfied, as a result, every month there are always a few days of flatulence, either diarrhea or constipation

in recent years, hypertension, heart disease, diabetes and other chronic diseases have a high incidence, and malignant tumors are also rampant in the population. Among them, eating unhealthy plays a role in fuelling the flames. Studies have shown that metabolic chronic diseases, colon cancer, breast cancer and other diseases are related to improper diet. In particular, many people pay a price for the high calorie, high protein and low fiber eating habits such as eating more fish and meat and eating less vegetables. So that some people concluded: only a meager meal can lead to longevity; The better you eat, the earlier you leave

from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, the heavy taste diet with big fish and meat and excessive oil and salt is called "fat, sweet and thick taste", which is a big taboo for health preservation. Fanzhihong, an associate professor of the school of food science at China Agricultural University, pointed out that at present, the Chinese table is indeed too "meat" and "greasy". Meat should have played a supporting role, but now it plays a leading role, and the oil often exceeds the standard. Therefore, advocating vegetarianism or quasi vegetarianism should become a living habit and concept

experts teach you "vegetarian": 1 Follow the nutritional dietary guidelines and control the total calories every day; 2. Animal foods such as fish, poultry, meat and eggs should not exceed 150 grams per day, of which the daily amount of meat should not exceed one fist, so that meat and vegetables can be mixed with vegetables in the form of shredded meat and minced meat; 3. The oil shall not exceed 25 grams per day; 4. You must eat enough vegetables, at least 1 jin per day, to ensure the intake of dietary fiber

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