How to discern the truth of laminate flooring

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The difference between fake and inferior laminate flooring and high-quality laminate flooring is not significantly different in appearance, but very similar

there is no obvious difference between fake and inferior laminate flooring and high-quality laminate flooring in appearance, which is very similar

Yangzi laminate flooring

the fake and shoddy laminate flooring actually lacks a wear-resistant layer. This wear-resistant layer is a layer of wear-resistant material aluminum oxide evenly pressed on the surface of the laminate flooring. Aluminum oxide has amazing wear resistance. Therefore, the internal factors affecting the wear resistance are the content of aluminum oxide and the degree of uniform distribution on the surface, Nowadays, the wear-resistant layer of reinforced composite wood flooring on the market is divided into four levels, that is, the wear resistance of about 30 grams of aluminum oxide per square meter should be about 4000 turns; The wear-resistant revolution of the floor with a content of 44 grams should be about 9000 revolutions; The wear resistance of the wear-resistant layer with a content of 62 grams can reach about 18000 turns; Some imported floors are divided into five grades according to the European Community EN13329 quality standard, and their identification adopts AE or w

therefore, the higher the content of aluminum oxide, the higher the wear-resistant revolution and the higher the production cost. In order to obtain huge profits, the fake laminate floor is replaced by the floor without wear-resistant layer. In fact, this kind of floor without wear-resistant layer is best used only for walls and furniture, and its service life is very short. As a family, it can only be used for three or four months, and the ground will appear white and the performance pattern is not clear

the second difference is the substrate of laminate flooring. The substrate of real laminate flooring adopts high-density board or high-quality particleboard, while the fake laminate flooring adopts medium density board and general particleboard, so its mechanical strength is also low, and the water absorption thickness expansion rate system is correspondingly high

therefore, when choosing laminate flooring, it is necessary to inquire about the surface wear-resistant layer and substrate of the floor from the merchants in detail




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