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Decoration should avoid sensibility over rationality. Control the decoration budget in many ways

◆ the sensibility of post-80s home decoration is greater than rationality

"small lotus talents show sharp corners". As most of the "post-80s" have entered the marriage age stage, they have also become the new "main force" of real estate purchase. The "post-80s" are a group of personality and sensibility. Although they are limited in economic ability, there are great differences in age and life experience between the post-80s and the people in the 1960s and 1970s. Their consumption outlook has increasingly broken through tradition and "rationality"! "Too willing" to treat what you like often leads to too much budget overrun because of blindly "too willing", and "moonlight clan" is no longer an individual phenomenon

"compared with the Post-70s generation, the post-80s generation has very prominent characteristics in the design of new houses. They choose materials more boldly, pursue more impact visual effects, and have obvious personality colors." Zhang Zhenghui, senior designer of Boloni's overall home decoration, said. "The post-80s generation has a lot of ideas about home decoration, but due to insufficient consumption capacity, basically 100% of young consumers will exceed the budget. Some post-80s generation are very fond of some home decoration products. In order to buy all of them, some consumers hope to meet their home decoration needs by mortgage or even asking for an extension of the construction period, with wages as subsidies."

due to insufficient economic accumulation, housing loans and high-cost living pressure, insiders have suggested that the "post-80s" should be more rational when decorating their homes, act according to their actual situation, and cannot overdraw their future consumption capacity for a long time, and spend tomorrow's money today. For home decoration products that are not sure whether they are needed, you can set aside enough thinking time to compare and weigh, and finally make an effective choice, which can not only achieve the effect of wedding room decoration, but also control home decoration within its own affordable budget

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◆ the design requirements of small family wedding houses should be improved

"post-80s" not only outline the potential consumer market for home decoration companies, but also put forward higher requirements for designers' design level. Some home decoration enterprises have smelled the small family market and the potential consumption ability of the "post-80s generation", and began to adjust their business direction for the small family market, providing more refined and cost-effective home decoration services for young consumer groups who pursue personality but also value quality

The unexpected thinking of "post-80s generation" requires designers to break the original design thinking and put forward more innovative design schemes. When designing home decoration, designers should fully consider the characteristics of young consumer groups to design, and skillfully integrate personal unique aesthetics with the living habits of husband and wife. At the same time, designers should also pay attention to the future needs and planning of consumers, such as whether they need children's rooms

for the "post-80s" consumers who have stable jobs, good economic ability and whose loan pressure will be reduced in recent years, designers can consider whether they want to renovate and leave room for home decoration "supplement"; For "post-80s" consumers whose jobs are not very stable and who are under great pressure to repay loans, designers should pay more attention to practicality in order to prolong the use time of room decoration

◆ the home decoration budget can be controlled from many aspects

the post-80s have a strong desire to consume. Once they pay little attention, they will greatly exceed the budget. They should be more cautious in home decoration and control the budget from many aspects. Pursuing individuality and paying attention to visual effects are the common characteristics of the "post-80s" wedding room decoration. Although the wedding room has special significance, for the long-term use in the future, the practicality, plasticity and replaceability of the room need to be considered when decorating the home

1. Designers can help the "post-80s generation" control the home decoration budget. Because designers are very familiar with the materials and products required for home decoration style, young consumers should fully communicate with designers and exchange their decoration opinions with designers in the absence of home decoration knowledge, so as to combine their own needs with the designer's design concept. After designers understand the ideas of consumers, The budget can be controlled from the material and products, and the quotation can be made after making the scheme. Consumers can go to the market to investigate whether the product price is acceptable according to the designer's scheme. If it exceeds the budget, the designer can change the decoration material and products, reduce the quotation, and design another set of acceptable home decoration scheme for consumers, so as to control the budget cost at the source

2. For young consumers with limited budgets, home decoration can be carried out step by step, rather than overnight. It is very important to do a good job in basic decoration, especially the decoration of kitchen and bathroom. Kitchen and bathroom are the most important aspects of home decoration. Once there is a problem in kitchen or bathroom, it means to carry out secondary decoration. In order to avoid secondary home decoration, "Post-80s" should pay special attention to the decoration quality of kitchen and bathroom when decorating their homes

3. In order to control the budget cost, the "post-80s" can be decorated with late accessories on the basis of simple decoration. The price of accessories is relatively floating, and they can be selected according to their own economic ability. Don't blindly buy the products they like, which not only increases the budget burden, but also is not conducive to the renewal of room space

4. During home decoration, the "post-80s generation" can consider the products that are most needed at present to meet the functional needs of the room, and other products can be added in batches and geographically in the future, which not only relieves the economic pressure, but also leaves room for thinking

the age of "post-80s" Lingyu is the age of personality. If you want to express the personality of your wedding room as the theme, the designer suggests that you can use a separate space to express the personality of your wedding room. For example, the bedroom can be dressed up by your imagination. You can dress up the "bridal chamber" as you want. As for other rooms and spaces, you only need a little accessories for echo. The main design should also undergo some professional research, so as to avoid the inconvenient problems in future life caused by the too personalized wedding room. If you need to renovate, don't bother, It will also increase the cost of home decoration




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