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Holy elephant multi-layer solid wood floor: high quality exterior and interior are the same

multi layer solid wood floor, as the name suggests, is composed of multi-layer wood. It is made of high-quality precious wood as the surface, combined with a good base material. Because the surface wood is close to and in contact with the living environment, its excellent quality is particularly important. Only when high-quality wood is consistent inside and outside, it is the best of multi-layer solid wood. As a good surface wood, it must have the characteristics of toughness, wear resistance and good touch, so as to ensure the comfort and practicality of wood flooring. Not only that, but also to ensure the unity of the source of surface wood, so as to avoid the uneven situation, resulting in the quality problems of wood flooring. In this regard, the icon floor can be regarded as a model of the industry. The production of high-quality surface wood requires good performance of raw materials, long-term stable supply and stable cost. In view of this, the holy elephant joined GFTN China under WWF as early as 2008, promising to promote sustainable forest management and reliable forest certification. It has also established a database of traceable information, formulated and improved the relevant systems of the production and marketing chain of supervision, and expanded the purchase of certified wood. On the basis of reasonable access, it ensures the sustainable development of forest resources, ensures the long-term and stable supply of raw materials, and also ensures the performance and quality of raw materials. It is reported that the multi-layer solid wood floor of the holy elephant also selects high-quality trees such as American cherry wood, Southeast Asian pineapple and Chinese elm, which are rare in China. These trees and raw materials are from countries and regions with low risk of forest exploitation, which meet the global forest certification standards. Among them, American cherry wood has medium density and good resilience, and the concave convex surface also brings special touch; Southeast Asia pineapple is a four leaf printed eggplant wood with staggered texture, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, hard and heavy material, high strength, which is the only choice for wood flooring. Chinese elm wood is tough and has clear texture. Its tough characteristics make the wood floor able to resist and adapt to the humidity in the South and the dryness in the north. The high-quality surface wood also laid the good quality of the multi-layer solid wood floor of the holy elephant. It can be said that the multi-layer solid wood of the holy elephant has reached the international high-quality standard from the surface, and the real consistency between the outside and the inside has also led the quality of Chinese wood flooring to a higher level





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