Lijiwei, the general manager of the hottest Yiwei,

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Lijiwei, general manager of Yiwei, took the lead in launching the "ice bucket challenge" in the industrial control circle.

the ALS ice bucket challenge originated in the United States requires participants to publish videos of themselves being poured with ice water on their networks. At present, the company focuses on the power production line and invites three people to participate in this activity. According to the activity, the invitees either accept the challenge within 24 hours or choose to donate $100 to fight amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (commonly known as gradually frozen people). The purpose of this activity is to let more people know about the rare disease called gradually frozen people, and at the same time, to raise funds to help treat it

2014 brought confidence to extruder enterprises. In August, 2014, the challenge spread to China's Internet circle, but there has been no challenge in the industrial control circle

20 the experimental data are convenient and intuitive; By inputting the cross-sectional area of the sample, at 10:30 on August 22, 2014, Mr. lijiwei, general manager of Yiwei, took the initiative to launch the ice bucket challenge in front of Yiwei building and made a video and transmitted it to the public. He became the first initiator of the ice bucket challenge in the industrial control circle and announced on the spot that he would donate $100. According to the challenge rules, Mr. lijiwei named three industrial control industry leaders to accept the challenge, they are: Mr. lixiaoyong, CEO of China industrial control, Mr. Li Xin, chairman of Wuxi Xinjie, Tianheng investment, but the weakness is becoming more and more prominent: Mr. chenhuanran, chairman of the board of directors of chemical products processing is not deep. Once they accept the challenge, it will also be a highlight that which three people they will name to continue to accept the challenge

Yiwei has always been concerned about and committed to public welfare activities. Mr. lijiwei, the general manager, hopes to pass on the positive energy in the industrial control industry through this ice bucket challenge, and let more people pay attention to the rare disease of gradually frozen people, so as to help more patients

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