Lingyu mixer creates the fastest concrete pouring

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In the past two days, many partners in the construction industry and the mixer industry were brushed by a piece of paper issued by the Shandong Branch of Xinhua News Agency entitled "14 hours, 10200 cubic meters! The floor pouring of Jinan Ping An financial center breaks the Shandong record". At the same time, many small videos of on-site construction have also spread on the popular Tiktok platform...

it is understood that the total building height of Jinan Ping'an financial center project is 360 meters, the foundation pit depth of its floor works is 22 meters, and the maximum thickness of the foundation raft is 7.7 meters. The traditional pumping construction can not meet the demand. The project team adopted the original technology. Under the navigation of GPS system, 120 concrete mixing teams on site accurately entered and exited the narrow construction site, realizing the continuous pouring of 10200m in 14 hours ³ The total volume of concrete pouring is equivalent to two 30 storey residential buildings. This continuous pouring has created the fastest concrete pouring speed in Shandong Province

here comes the point! Most of the mixer trucks involved in the project are products of Lingyu. It can be said that Lingyu's mixer has made great contributions to the completion of the pouring task with high quality and quantity

in the past two years, Jinan mixer Market has been booming. CIMC Lingyu's mixer products have won the recognition of more and more users with their outstanding advantages of high quality, high performance, stable operation and high cost performance. Lingyu brand has become the local preferred brand. All the newly purchased vehicles of the three largest mixing plants in Jinan this year are Lingyu products. Lingyu's market share of aluminum alloys that have obtained rough parts of various shapes has increased rapidly

when asked why the customer chose Lingyu, hongmaochun, Secretary of the Party committee of Fujian Institute of material structure, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and caorong, director of the Institute, shencanhuang, director of Xiamen science and Technology Bureau, lihuiyue, Secretary of Jimei District Party committee Wugaofeng, President of Xiamen tungsten industry branch Co., Ltd., and other leaders, as representatives of the three parties, were invited to attend the construction site. The feedback from the site was that "Lingyu mixer has high brand awareness, stable operation, and fast discharge. In addition, the service is timely, and some problems are solved quickly." In 2019, Lingyu specially set up a parts center in Jinan. Common parts are in stock. There are special service personnel and service vehicles, which can timely and effectively handle after-sales problems for users

it is important to know that the major local concrete companies are involved in key projects and have high requirements for the quality and timeliness of concrete supply. Therefore, they are also very cautious in the selection of vehicles, and the Lingyu mixer with excellent performance and high attendance rate has become their preferred product

because of this, although several concrete companies are supplying concrete at the construction site of Jinan Ping'an financial center, most of the mixer trucks are green Lingyu trucks

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