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Lilingshen, President of China Industrial Textiles Association, investigated Haining warp knitting industrial park on June 13, lilingshen, Deputy Secretary General of China Textile Industry Association and President of China Industrial Textiles Industry Association, led a delegation of 6 relevant staff of China Industrial Textiles Industry Association to investigate Haining warp knitting industrial park in Zhejiang Province. Shenshunnian, director of Haining warp knitting industrial park management committee, yuminghong, deputy director of Haining warp knitting industrial park Hu Yifan, director of the technology information center, xuwenjian, deputy director, and other leaders of the park extended a warm welcome

was the construction of Zhejiang Haining warp knitting industrial park started in 2000? It is the first batch of provincial-level characteristic industrial parks in Zhejiang Province. In December 2009, it became the first batch of model MWW ⑴ 0e "National new industrialization industry demonstration base". At present, the park covers an area of 5.7 square kilometers and has 430 enterprises. More than 85% of the enterprises are engaged in warp knitting and related industries, which is the largest warp knitting production, processing and sales base in China. The warp knitted light box advertising cloth and canopy cloth produced by enterprises in the park account for about 70% of the domestic market and are correctly installed;, Warp knitted geotextile materials account for about 40% of the domestic market

after visiting Zhejiang chengrudan New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang hailide new materials Co., Ltd., JINDA new materials Co., Ltd. and Wanfang Warp Knitting Co., Ltd., Li Lingshen pointed out that the development potential of industrial textiles and warp knitting textiles is huge, and enterprises should timely carry out technological upgrading and structural adjustment, explore new application fields, and increase the scientific and technological content and added value of products, Only by strengthening the core competitiveness of enterprises in long fiber composites can we actively deal with the more fierce domestic and international market competition

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