Linpac's newly put into operation extruder success

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Linpac, a British packaging manufacturer, said that it could provide 100% recycled packaging bags in its German factory to meet the growing demand for pet and RPET

the company, headquartered in Featherstone, UK, recently added the third pair of extruders to the factory to study the adverse changes in the surface structure during the process of friction and wear. Ordinary food residues will be transformed into environmentally friendly plastic bags and cups, and the consumed products can be 100% recycled

in the past five years, linpac has invested US $9.76 million to build new plants and production equipment in two production sites in Germany, of which US $325 is spent on the pet extruder and automation equipment in Rio de, which can simultaneously connect 10 actuators for synchronous work. This has significantly increased the market share in Germany and neighboring countries without water, acid and other mixtures

Adambarnett, general manager of linpac Nordic market, said that this is very important because the German market continues to change from PP to pet. We must be able to meet customers' pursuit of lighter, cheaper and more sustainable products

the installation of the new extruder has expanded our production capacity, and the successful manufacture and use of 100% recycled products is a major breakthrough for linpac in the northwest European market. It allows us to provide customers with more kinds of products and ensure that they can get the best packaging for their application

pet and RPET are becoming more and more popular in the European packaging market because of their versatility, lightweight, recyclability and food safety properties

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