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Land Rover and Savi launched an RFID pilot project

the Land Rover Department of Ford Motor Company and Savi announced today that the two companies have jointly launched a pilot project with active radio frequency identification (RFID) solutions, These solutions can better coordinate the delivery of automotive components from multiple suppliers to Land Rover's main assembly plant in westmidlands (UK) by selecting digital display operation. The experiment received a British central government grant administered by the University of Warwick

savi, a subsidiary of Lockheed Martin (nyse:lmt), is also a supplier of RFID based total asset management solutions. It is committed to providing RFID software and hardware to enhance visibility, inventory management and asset utilization, as well as reducing losses, work interruptions in assembly plants and the time spent searching assembly parts. The second phase of this test enables 18 suppliers and Land Rover to better locate, track and deliver stacking racks (specialized steel transportation vehicles) used to transport bumpers, cowls, suspension system parts, skylights, body parts and other parts. Real time information about RFID tagged assets can be shared among partners and can be automatically transmitted to, PDAs, and web-based tracking software

jontycook, head of Land Rover's logistics department, said: "the punctual and accurate delivery of parts is very important for the efficient operation of our factory, because the interruption of the supply chain can 8 slow down or even interrupt the automobile assembly work. We believe Savi's comprehensive RFID solution can improve this by opening the control microcomputer and putting the TestStar installation CD into the CD drive."

University of Warwick research partner phillipfoster pointed out: "with its overall solution method and recognized excellent history, Savi is far better than other suppliers we evaluated in the 18 month evaluation process." Brucejacquemard, director of savitechnology international business department and general manager of Shaanxi, said: "Savi's overall solution method is very suitable for such complex supply chains owned by Land Rover, and can be easily adjusted through their global business departments."

savi active RFID tags are used on the stacking racks that leave the supplier's factory. These tags are closely related to the auto parts carried by the vehicle. Fixed readers are installed in loading docks, supplier entrances and exits, and Land Rover assembly plants. When the marked stacking rack passes through a reader, the shipping information is recorded, and the location information is also transmitted to the designated user. When the stacking rack does not arrive on time or does not arrive at the designated place, an exception alarm will be issued

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