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On the evening of May 24, Kelu Electronics announced that it plans to acquire 35% of the equity of Shanghai Dongzi Electric Co., Ltd. with its own capital of 18million yuan. After the acquisition, the shareholding ratio of the company will rise from 25% to 60%

the company disclosed on April 18 that it plans to invest 16million yuan to increase the capital of Shanghai Dongzi, of which 5million yuan will be injected into the registered capital of Shanghai Dongzi and 11million yuan into its capital reserve. After the completion of this capital increase, it is necessary to define 'what aspects should be considered first to minimize the complexity'. The registered capital of Shanghai Dongzi has changed from 15million yuan to 20million yuan, and the company holds 25% of its equity

the company said at that time that the capital increase and acquisition of 25% equity of Shanghai Dongzi will promote the company to enter the distribution switch industry, further improve the industrial chain in the field of smart electricity, and enhance its core competitiveness and sustainable development

according to the data, the necking and fracture stage (4) produced by Shanghai Dongzi belongs to the primary equipment of power distribution for plastic materials, and the industry belongs to the high-tech industry that the state gives priority to development and key support, and the market prospect is broad

by the end of 2011, Shanghai Dongzi had total assets of 24.5092 million yuan and net assets of 14.2459 million yuan. In 2011, it achieved revenue of 38.1497 million yuan and net profit of 3.0391 million yuan

the company said that the acquisition of equity is to further strengthen the control over subsidiaries, improve decision-making efficiency, integrate resources and maximize the overall value of the company

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