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The top 10 predictions of the global mobile Internet market in 2012

and the development of nano rare earth materials with different uses

the search engine watch station recently made 10 predictions for the future development of the mobile market, Let's see how the mobile industry will develop in 2012

1. the mobile market cake is getting bigger and bigger

2. monetization of the mobile location market

with the growth of the number of users using mobile location services, some large companies in this field will begin to implement wealth collection plans. In particular, foursquare and yelp, which provide users with mobile transaction management and personal profile page services, will start charging existing free users. 4. Digital display, screen display pressure, and universal material testing machine will be zeroed. At present, the application of this type of testing machine is relatively expensive (it is still in the stage of attracting users). Facebook has reached 500million mobile users and has begun to go public for financing. Due to the pressure of public investors, Facebook will be forced to launch a mobile business charging strategy, and may add sponsor content instead of banner advertising by the end of 2012

3. Let's move and do business

the textbook of transaction economics may need to be changed, because people begin to use steel bars (slabs) to squeeze and experiment with mobile trading methods. Businesses will use better positioning and personalized services to replace the discount of jumping off buildings or bleeding

for businesses, this method has greater profit space and will attract the attention of small and medium-sized enterprises. This change can also promote the overall growth of the trading market, but when the market matures, the profit margin will also become relatively small

4. Mobile payment NFC is difficult to become a climate

among many competing mobile payment standards, the one that can stand out in 2012 will be similar to the mode of cooperation between foursquare and AMEX, that is, the transaction will be bound with a credit card account. Only credit card transactions with good credit can be redeemed and tracked, which will reduce the losses of users' Redemption transactions to merchants

Paypal will also emerge as a leader in mobile payment, mainly using its total amount and assets continuously replenished by eBay to gain competitive strength. NFC (near field communication) technology will not form a climate in 2012

5. The future "check-in" is not the current "check-in"

the location-based check-in function will become the mainstream in 2012. Of course, it needs the support of devices with related functions. In order to keep early users and expand the mainstream user market, the sign in function will become more intelligent, and the sign in mode will be automatically selected based on the preset settings. This is what foursquare radar and shopnick are already doing. This will become the mainstream function of all social networking sites with check-in function

6. Mobile social sharing has become a dark horse

of course, the "check-in" status in 2012 can also be shared by social networking sites, which is also a mobile feature that everyone admires. But in addition to the update of location and status, people can also add more diverse multimedia materials, such as pictures and songs. Applications with related functions such as instagram and soundtracking will have 30million users

7. voice search will be applied in a wider range

Apple's Siri voice search engine will benefit Google and related companies, because this new search method will increase the traffic of mobile search. The real value of Siri to apple is that Apple expands its cooperation with more partners or integrates them into the IOS SDK. Apple's competitors will be affected by it and integrate voice search functions in Android, cars, televisions and video game consoles

8. duel between applications and mobile stations

the growth rate of mobile stations will accelerate in 2012 and exceed that of applications. At the same time, HTML5, a better mobile station standard, will continue to expand its influence, and for economic reasons, the development of mobile stations will surpass applications in both price and scale. In addition, the growth and development of mobile websites will increase the advertising revenue of search mobile

9. Apple maps will add more features

the competition between apple and Google is intensifying. Apple's acquisition of C3 technology, a 3D mapping company, will create its own map navigation standard for IOS in the future. It is reported that Apple map will include the latest map features including 3D aerial imaging. At the same time, it will also be integrated into IAD as map advertising

Some processes require that CPE be added at a certain ratio

<10. The tablet computer market is divided

the tablet computer market in 2012 will be divided into high-end iPad products and low-end amazon kindle fire and nook color products. Amazon mainly makes profits from content services, so the strategy of selling kindle fire at a loss will have a considerable impact on the tablet hardware market. Android based tablets cannot compete with low-end products for price or quality. For Android Tablet, 2012 will put it on the old road of going native. 199it interconnected data center station

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