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Laboratory glassware - burette GB 12805-91 (I)

this standard refers to the international LSO 385-1984 laboratory glassware - burette

1 subject content and scope of application

this standard stipulates the general experiment. This plan is mainly applicable to the product classification, specification series, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules, etc. of burets used in the quality inspection room of pipe application characteristics and service life characteristics of consumer enterprises and third-party testing institutions

this standard is applicable to various types of burets used in ordinary laboratories

2 reference standard

gb 191 pictorial signs for packaging, storage and transportation

gb 961 methods for internal stress inspection of glass polarization optical measurement

gb 2828 batch by batch inspection counting sampling procedures and sampling tables (applicable to continuous batch inspection)

gb 6543 corrugated boxes

gb 6582 glass particle test method and classification for water resistance at 98 ℃

gb/t 12809 Laboratory Glass Instrument glass, The design and structure principle of the gauge

jjg 196 national verification regulation of commonly used glass gauges

3 input the relevant test parameters of the sample to make foaming difficult. The unit of measurement and standard temperature

3.1 capacity unit: milliliter (ML)

3.2 standard temperature: 20 ℃

4 type, specification and structural dimension

4 1 type and specification are shown in Table 1

the gauge distance is at least 50mm

note: 1) the type and structure can be changed according to the use

4.2 the structural dimensions are shown in Figure 1-7 and table 2-8

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