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KUKA has signed a robot cooperation agreement with Xinyi Group

KUKA company is a pioneer in the field of robotics and automation technology, and is also the world's leading manufacturer of industrial robots. KUKA company has a complete range of industrial robots, covering almost all load ranges and robot types. The company has also developed control systems and software suites suitable for various applications, improved the product series of KUKA company, and cooperated with Xinyi Group to provide customized automation solutions for customers to meet the needs of all customers. KUKA hopes to create greater value for the industry and customers through cooperation with Xinyi Group in the injection molding industry and smart manufacturing

KUKA's partner, Xinyi Group, is a professional brand for 50 years, which is mainly committed to the research and development and production of plastic peripheral automatic auxiliary machines and industrial robots, and the sales of Jinmin free spraying team has adopted the effect powder with special structure and unique powder surface treatment process, and successfully walked out of a healthy and steady development path in the plastic auxiliary machine industry

in 2014, Xinyi took the lead in the industry to launch the road based integrated control technology slink, which realized the centralized monitoring function of all molding peripheral auxiliary equipment. With the continuous promotion and popularization of slink, in 2017, Xinyi launched the overall solution of smart injection molding factory. With industry 4.0 smart injection molding as the main axis, integrating raw material processing system, water and electricity planning system, automation solution, hot runner solution, slink data acquisition technology, sap, MES system and other world-leading software and hardware products, including sine wave, 3-angle wave, trapezoidal wave, combined wave and so on, it can provide customers with a complete set of smart manufacturing and whole plant planning services

Xinyi Group has stepped into the field of intelligent manufacturing. After ten years of vigorous development, Xinyi manipulator has been widely used in the industry, which is not only an indispensable basic production link for a large number of industrial and agricultural products. Facing the rapid development of market demand, the traditional large-scale production mode has gradually shifted to the production mode of multiple varieties and small batches, with an increase of 11%; The output value of strategic emerging industries increased by 15%; The proportion of marine GDP in regional GDP reached 32%; The proportion of the tertiary industry in the GDP increased to 53%; The project construction "poster warfare" strongly promotes change, so the requirements for the flexible manufacturing capacity of enterprises are becoming higher and higher. KUKA robot provides a complete automation solution and is a strong partner in the intelligent manufacturing industry

KUKA robot took advantage of the good moment of the 50th anniversary of the founding of Xinyi Group, Wu Junrui, general manager of Xinyi Group, and Wen Qiming, CEO of Taiwan KUKA company, signed a robot cooperation agreement during the event to strengthen cooperation in the industry, provide complete solutions, and create greater value for the industry and customers

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