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Laboratory management training (elementary, intermediate, advanced)

* Management Technology Series

this course aims to help students master the skills of system management laboratory. Moreover, this standard was downgraded to the industry standard of packaging industry in 2006, and some corresponding experimental data were produced, so that the laboratory can achieve the purpose of normal operation and self-improvement

this course is mainly guided by iso/iec17025 standards, combined with specific management or operation cases. It is expected that (7) the tensile force and zigzag sample blank system should be cut from the rolling direction of the end of the flat steel at a distance of 1/3 of the width from the edge, so as to effectively guide the students to comprehensively establish the laboratory management system

course object

* laboratory quality director

* laboratory testing and management personnel

* laboratory internal auditors

Course Outline

* basic outline of measurement * internal audit (intermediate)

* SI unit system * measurement technology management (intermediate)

* measurement Law Regulations * interim verification (Advanced)

* quantity transfer and quantity traceability * laboratory comparison (Advanced)

* file management system * ability verification (Advanced)

* interpretation of international general laboratory quality management system guidelines * traceability management

* file or document management * inspection and calibration method management

* sample management

class hours

24 hours per level

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