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Listed companies in the new chemical materials industry have better investment opportunities

listed companies in the new chemical materials industry have better investment opportunities

September 30, 2003

it is predicted that the consumption of new chemical materials in China will continue to increase at a rate of about 20% in the next five years, while the development of existing new chemical materials enterprises in China is still lagging behind. Therefore, listed companies in the new chemical materials industry have better investment

among Listed Companies in China, the new chemical materials enterprises are: (1) star new materials - Stock Code: 600299, main

main products: 70000 tons/year organosilicon, 10000 tons/year PBT (engineering plastics), 40000 tons/year bisphenol A, 30000 tons/year cyclic

oxygen resin; (2) Yantai and these materials have been widely used Wanhua - Stock Code: 600309, main product: 80000 tons/year MDI (polyurethane raw material

); (3) Cangzhou Dahua - Stock Code: 600230, main product: 20000 tons/year TDI (polyurethane raw material

) data should be recorded during the test; (4) Bluestar Cleaning - Stock Code: 000598, main product: 30000 tons/year TDI (polyurethane raw material) (put into production in 2004); (5) Yuntianhua - Stock Code: 600096, the following is an introduction to the impact of these factors. Main products: 10000 tons/year poly

formaldehyde (engineering plastics), glass fiber; (6) Sanaifu - Stock Code: 600636, main products: organic fluorine materials (fluorine resin, fluorine rubber); (7) Southwest Chemical Machinery - Stock Code: 000838, main products:

silicone, engineering plastics; (8) Xin'an Co., Ltd. - Stock Code: 600596, main products: 20000 tons/year, with

machine silicon; (9) Shanxi sanwei - Stock Code: 000755, main product: 25000 tons/year 1,4-butanediol

(PBT raw material); (10) Chlor alkali brocade - Stock Code: 000818, main products: 120000 tons/year epoxy propylene

alkane and 110000 tons/year polyether (polyurethane raw material); (11) Chlor alkali chemical industry - Stock Code: 600618, main

Products: joint venture construction of 160000 T/a MDI, 80000 T/a pure MDI and 50000 T/a polycarbonate

China's major new chemical material polyoxymethylene Yulian group has achieved international cooperation with Russia's vimetco group. The import volume of polycarbonate and polysiloxane increased by more than 20% from 1998 to 2002, while the import volume of TDI, MDI and polyether, the main raw materials of polyurethane, increased by 20% annually. However, at present, among China's listed companies, chemical new materials enterprises, except for star new materials, Yantai Wanhua and other companies, are all small in scale. The main reason is that the technical content of new chemical materials is high and difficult, which is difficult for general enterprises to master; Besides

, the R & D cost is large and the investment scale is large, which is difficult for ordinary enterprises to bear

Since the establishment of the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, relevant leaders have expressed their readiness to carry out strategic restructuring of 196 enterprises under the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission. It is reported that China Bluestar Group and China Haohua group, chemical enterprises subordinate to SASAC, intend to merge and establish China National Chemical Group. In recent years, these two groups have acquired some chemical enterprises respectively, some of which have the same business. If the two groups can merge, they will be able to carry out strategic restructuring of their affiliated enterprises according to the same business. Through strategic restructuring, they can achieve a dominant position in some fields, become bigger and stronger, and thus bring investment to the securities market

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