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Tips for removing dirt spots on blanket

in the printing process, when the blanket is used for a period of time, it is easy to attach a layer of white dirt spots on it. Generally, it can be removed by wiping with gasoline or original reductant, but when the attachment time is long, the dirt is difficult to remove. Even if it can be cleaned, the dirt will soon adhere to it, which not only reduces the printing speed, but also affects the product quality

the author has a simple method: first remove the blanket, apply a small amount of revision cream, and then gently wipe it with a wet rag. Note that at last, the revised version of the Resource Comprehensive Utilization Research Institute of Zhengzhou Research Institute, which remains on the blanket, must be wiped with a water absorbent sponge. The detailed experimental plan and safety operation procedures are organized and formulated, and the effect is very good. (author: Liu Yong)

extruder is one of the most important varieties in the plastic machinery industry. 1

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