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Liu Chuang, general assembly of XCMG automobile: write the youth of struggle on the territory of "big car"

Liu Chuang, general assembly of XCMG automobile: write the youth of struggle on the territory of "big car"

information of Chinese construction machinery

he claims to be ordinary, but relies on one to overcome one problem after another; He claimed to be very young, but led a team with an average age of only 25 years to make outstanding contributions to productivity improvement... He was not the most dazzling among the crowd. He just used "craftsman spirit" to go crazy, focus and stick to it. He was an ordinary post-90s, but he was also an ordinary school test worker. He was the model worker of XCMG and Liu Chuang, the head of the school test section of the General Assembly branch of XCMG automobile business department

Liu Chuang, head of the calibration and testing section of XCMG automobile assembly branch, is brave to shoulder the heavy responsibility - the new label of the post-90s

the calibration and testing section of XCMG automobile assembly branch is responsible for the commissioning and warehousing of all offline vehicles of XCMG automobile, which is the most important gateway for product output. And guarding this pass is a group of post-90s whose average age is only 25 years old

just after the Spring Festival in 2016, the business division signed an order for 100 units exported to Southeast Asia. The time was tight and the task was heavy. In order to ensure that the task was completed on schedule with high quality, Liu Chuang led the team to work continuously for 45 days, often working overtime until the wee hours, and delivering the vehicles on time. Users were amazed at XCMG's work quality and efficiency

write a struggling youth on the "big car" territory

urgent production tasks came one after another. Under the leadership of Liu Chuang, the number of school tests completed by the boys in the school test section in 2016 was five times higher than that in 2015. He took practical actions to interpret the employee motto of "being able to work together, learn, endure hardship and work", and attached a new label of "being brave to shoulder heavy responsibilities" to the post-90s generation

improvement and innovation - "craftsman spirit" era expression

Xuzhou base has a short production time, and the calibration process is complex and not smooth, which seriously restricts the efficiency of vehicle commissioning. Liu Chuang has also become a promoter of continuous improvement and innovation after taking the post of section chief. During the day, he asked the technicians of the Institute of technology to learn the method of process optimization, observed and recorded the time of calibration and test of more than 20 models and the problem points in the process item by item, and analyzed and debugged the bottleneck process at night. After a month and a half of continuous research, the calibration and test process was optimized and adjusted to the detection line. At present, China's high-end instrument market is still dominated by imported instruments, and the calibration and test adjustment project is two modules, which has shortened the calibration and test time of a single vehicle from 7.5 hours to 5 hours, and increased the efficiency by 33%

during the trial production of Hanfeng G5 new products, Liu Chuang found that the clutch separation was not complete. Through the analysis of the product structure and the filling method of brake fluid, he found out the causes, made tooling, changed the original filling method, reduced the failure rate to 5%, and saved about 50ml of dot3 brake fluid per unit

endless learning - the password for rapid growth

Liu Chuang knows that youth is the capital of struggle, but it is also the weakness of experience. He spends almost all his spare time on study. Not only firmly grasp the process requirements and technical parameters of each process of vehicle debugging, maintenance and inspection, but also in order to remove the damage layer generated in the polishing process, and explore every detail of automatic temperature control, automatic timing and automatic alarm of engine system, steering system and transmission system. From the original single technical expert, he has grown into a versatile expert integrating debugging, maintenance and maintenance, and has been rated as an excellent young post expert. After the newcomer entered the post, he took the initiative to undertake the training work, formulated the training plan according to the new employee's personal characteristics and working ability, made everyone familiar with the post as soon as possible, and built the school test section into a united and cooperative and efficient team

in January 2017, Liu Chuang was elected as a representative of the 16th People's Congress of Xuzhou, further expanding the influence of XCMG in his hometown. In an ordinary position, Liu Chuang, in a race with output and quality, interpreted his love for XCMG's cause in the most simple way, helping XCMG to fight against the waves and rush forward in the spring tide of thousands of sails and hundreds of boats

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