After the correction of the hottest glass, the lat

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After the glass callback, the late trend of stabilization depends on demand

Market Review: the first reason for FG1 yesterday was that 405 opened slightly lower at 1313 points, showing a volatile downward trend throughout the day, stabilized and consolidated at 1295 points in the afternoon, rose slightly near the closing, and finally closed at 1298 points

news: at present, glass manufacturers are not confident enough, and inventories in Central China and Northeast China remain high. The key to whether prices can rise in the near future depends on whether manufacturers can increase the real ex factory prices and maintain a relatively high production and sales rate. According to China Securities News, the first batch of private bank licenses are expected to "land" before and after the national two sessions. The first batch of 3-5 private banks may be produced in several hot spots with the highest voice at present, such as Zhejiang, Tianjin, Shanghai, Beijing and Guangdong

spot market: 5mm glass ex factory price: East China, Jiangsu China Resources 1446/Kunshan Taibo 1612/South China, Jiangmen China Resources 1450/Zhangzhou Qibin 1408/North China, Daguang 1144/safety 1144/Qinhuangdao Yaohua 1280/central China, Wuhan Changli 1328, +8/Zhuzhou Qibin 1260/Jingzhou Yijun 1280/Shandong, Jurun 124 price 1 rose and then rose 4/Jinjing 1352 In terms of inventory, the inventory this week was 30.92 million heavy boxes, the previous value was 30.41 million heavy boxes, an increase of 520000 heavy boxes month on month. Plastic tensile testing machine is a kind of box of electronic tensile testing machine, and the inventory continues to rise

operation suggestion: yesterday, FG1 customers only need to import the ultimately desired capacity and process effect into system 405, open low and go low, and close negative at the end of the market. The main short sellers increased their positions significantly, and the trading volume continued to rise. After falling below 1310 and 1300 in a row, the futures price stabilized at 1295, and the short-term price may enter the shock range. In the later stage, it is still possible to rebound again with the rise of downstream operating rate. In terms of operation, the short-term depends on 1295 first-line small scale try many, and the upper impulse cannot move to moderate stop profit and 1290 stop loss. Pay attention to the pressure at 1300 points and refer to the interval points. The content of this article is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Investors operate accordingly at their own risk

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