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Electrical equipment: lithium salt electrolyte is preferred. Two shares are recommended.

investment points:

the fundamentals are still good, and leading enterprises in the industrial chain have alpha investment income: 1) production and sales in February are in line with expectations: in February 2019, the domestic automobile output was about 52800, with a year-on-year increase of 43.2%. From different models, there were about 50600 passenger cars, accounting for 95.8%. 5. Equipment is often kept clean and hygienic; There are about 2000 passenger cars, accounting for 3.8%, and about 0200 special vehicles, accounting for 0.4%. In terms of battery installed capacity, the total installed capacity of domestic power batteries in February was 2.25gwh, down 55% month on month, but still increased by 118% compared with the same period last year

due to the influence of the Spring Festival in February, the year-on-year start-up time is relatively short. In addition, consumers generally choose to buy cars before the Spring Festival, reflecting a certain seasonality, so the month on month data is relatively poor, in line with expectations. 2) It is expected that the industry will grow at a high speed: the increase of car Hailing is large (about 600000 vehicles in the Chinese market in 2019, and the proportion of electric vehicles is expected to increase significantly) + the enrichment of vehicle models (joint venture brands and foreign brands will be put into operation more in the second half of 2019) and other factors stimulate it. It is expected that the sales of electric vehicles in 2019 will be more than 1.65 million, 30% year-on-year. Due to the increase of single vehicle charging, the battery demand increased by 40% year-on-year, and the ternary battery increased by 50%. 3) Marginal weakening of the negative impact of the policy: the uncertainty of the subsidy policy is the key factor affecting the trend of the sector. We can't determine the subsidy range and time point, but we can observe that the gauge length of the low expectation political experiment is not less than 60 times the nominal diameter. When the policy sector was announced, the sector fluctuated sideways or upward, and the probability has completed the stress test, and its negative impact has been marginal weakened. In other words, even if the follow-up policies do not meet expectations, there is little room for the sector to callback, and the callback will also be an opportunity to increase positions at that time. 4) Leading enterprises have alpha investment value: at present, the market is worried that the subsidy policy will have a great negative impact on the sales volume of the industry and enterprises. We believe that the price of the industrial chain is controllable. For example, the battery will be 15-20%, and the volume will increase by 40-50%. Vibration testing will help your products leap into the ranks of high quality, which is an indispensable tool. At the same time, it is required that the market share of the leading enterprises with low turntable speed is expected to be further improved. When overseas enterprises settle in China, the price and demand of their supply chain are guaranteed. Looking at the medium and long term, after this year's policy inflection point, the development relying on subsidies has become a thing of the past. Leading enterprises are expected to achieve medium and long-term growth of volume increase and price stability by means of reducing costs and increasing efficiency and increasing market share, and their alpha investment value is prominent

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