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No.20 rubber futures is about to be listed, and the internationalization of China rubber futures has accelerated.

the CSRC has approved the Shanghai International Energy Trading Center (the previous energy), a subsidiary of Shanghai Futures Exchange, to carry out the trading of No.20 rubber futures, and the contract will be officially listed on August 12, 2019. As a specific domestic variety, No. 20 rubber futures will fully introduce overseas traders to participate in the mode of "international platform, net price trading, bonded delivery and RMB pricing"

after more than 20 years of development, the natural rubber futures market of the last stock exchange has been active in trading, with the rapid growth of trading volume and positions, and the influence of the futures market price continues to increase. No. 20 rubber futures is the second international variety listed in the previous period. Based on the huge market scale of China's natural rubber, the listing of No. 20 rubber futures in the previous period of energy is not only conducive to building the pricing system of the global natural rubber market, serving the development of China's rubber industry, helping China's tire industry move from a large manufacturing country to a powerful manufacturing country, serving China's natural rubber enterprises to "go global", but also conducive to promoting the opening of China's futures market and further expanding the market influence of China's natural rubber futures, It is a powerful measure to serve the "the Belt and Road" initiative

the delivery products of the existing Tianjiao futures in the previous period are domestic all latex and imported No. 3 cigarette film. No. 20 rubber and all latex (WF rubber) are a kind of natural rubber, but there are certain differences in primary raw materials, processing technology, trade mode, end use, preferential value-added tax rate and tariffs. In general, No. 20 rubber futures and all latex futures focus on the bonded and tax paid markets of China's rubber industry respectively. The two complement each other, organically combine, and can develop in synergy

in response to the construction of the "the Belt and Road", rubber enterprises have implemented the "going out" strategy of natural rubber business. Hainan Natural Rubber Industry Group Co., Ltd., Yunnan Natural Rubber Industry Group Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Guangken Rubber Group Co., Ltd., as leading enterprises in the domestic industry, either grow and process natural rubber in Southeast Asia, or acquire natural rubber production and trading enterprises. The listing of No. 20 rubber futures will provide it with richer price risk management tools

overseas natural rubber production enterprises such as Shidong Rubber Co., Ltd., lianrun Rubber Co., Ltd. and hongmanli Co., Ltd. said they would actively participate in the No. 20 rubber futures market of Shanghai international energy trading center

xuwenying, vice president and Secretary General of China Rubber Industry Association, said that as a strategic buyer of No. 20 rubber in the world, it is of great significance for China to launch its own No. 20 rubber futures. "China is the largest buyer of natural rubber in the world and a major consumer and importer of natural rubber. No. 20 rubber is the variety with the largest production and consumption of natural rubber. The listing of No. 20 rubber futures, on the one hand, meets the real demand for the free hanging end of the downstream final sliding body and film and the development trend of the natural rubber industry; on the other hand, the industry it belongs to can serve the construction of the 'the Belt and Road' and deepen the political and economic exchanges between China and Southeast Asian countries And financial cooperation. At the same time, the listing of No. 20 rubber futures is of great significance to enhance the international influence of China's natural rubber market. "

as for the upcoming listing of No. 20 rubber in the last period of energy, Tong Changzheng, an analyst at CITIC futures, said that from the perspective of the industrial chain, the listing of No. 20 rubber futures can better enhance the role of rubber series futures in the domestic rubber related industrial chain. More than 70% of natural rubber is used in the production of the tire industry, and the main raw material used in the tire industry is No. 20 rubber. The listing of No. 20 rubber has made Erdogan's reputation reach a new high point The enthusiasm of relevant enterprises in the tire industry to participate in hedging has increased, providing a more powerful risk management tool for China's tire industry. From the perspective of pricing discourse power, No. 20 rubber futures is an international variety, and more international investors will participate in the transaction, which will certainly improve China's pricing power and discourse power in the international natural rubber market

gaolinlin, an analyst at Guotai Junan Futures, said that the listing of No. 20 glue futures may promote domestic enterprises to increase the production of No. 20 glue, 9710 and other downstream enterprises, promote the gradual transformation of enterprises and enhance international competitiveness; The listing of No. 20 rubber futures will increase the participation interest of all parties in the industrial chain, especially the downstream tire factory to participate in the purchase of hedging; Industrial investors may choose No. 20 glue futures for future cash arbitrage, and the phenomenon of passive inventory hoarding caused by traders' non-standard arbitrage may be alleviated. In addition, there will be more linkage and cross market opportunities with the Tokyo Mercantile Exchange and the Singapore Stock Exchange

automatic return - when the return is set, Gu Renzhou, general manager of Chuangyuan Heying, said that the listing of No. 20 rubber futures enriched the portfolio of risk management tools, provided suitable risk hedging tools for traders and tire factories, and provided tools for more investors to participate in the arbitrage of two rubber varieties. The segmentation of the two varieties can better reflect the fundamental situation of the two varieties in the future, making the price discovery function more accurate. At the same time, No. 20 rubber futures is also another important attempt for China's influence to go abroad and bring Chinese prices to countries along the "the Belt and Road"

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