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Nobike wall mounted air purifier NBO

How about nobike wall mounted air purifier nbo-j022 comment on nobike air purifier nbo-j022

recently bought this nobike wall mounted air purifier to remove formaldehyde, household PM2.5 to remove haze, dust, dust, pregnant women's oxygen bar, let me talk about my experience of use:

the quality is very good, and the baby ships quickly. As always. My colleague introduced me to buy it. It works well. I recommend one. Really good. The design is very distinctive. The company can put it on the car. It looks very avant-garde. Very satisfied with the use. The air is obviously improved. It is necessary for people who often drive. It's really worth it. I don't worry about formaldehyde anymore when driving. Reprint other friends' comments>

configuration parameters of Nordic wall mounted air purifier nbo-j022 [View official quotation]

Product Name: nobike nbo-j022

brand within the warranty period: nobike

model: nbo-j022

Noise: DB

control method: remote control

intelligent type: does not support intelligent

filter type: composite filter

Product No.: nbo-j022

Color Classification: white

air volume: 100 cubic meters/hour

applicable area: 11 ㎡ (included) -20 ㎡ 1 Whether the experimenter's operation is correct; (including)

function: pollen removal, regular formaldehyde removal, smoke removal, dust removal, sterilization and oxygenation

working principle: electrostatic technology, activated carbon, negative ion HEPA technology, ultraviolet light and others

but high toughness polypropylene often produces bright and dark stripes in the injection molding process of some large parts. Air purification product category: air purifier

air volume: cubic meter/hour

power mode: AC

after sales service: national joint insurance

applicable object: Home Air volume with

air purifier: cubic meter/hour

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