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Nokia bell joined hands with Jianye group to build smart real estate in the post epidemic era. Nokia bell announced that it had signed a framework contract with Jianye Housing Group (China) Co., Ltd. to provide products and services such as network deployment and big data analysis for this leading enterprise in China's real estate industry

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Yin Hong (right), governor of Henan Province, shook hands with Jin Jian cordially

in the post epidemic era, due to the increase of home time and the change of life mode, people have new cognition and demands on the living environment: people pay more attention to the safety and health protection of community infrastructure than basic living functions. In addition, people's demand for home office, distance education and online entertainment is also growing, and family network has become increasingly important. The real estate industry has ushered in new opportunities and challenges, and it is urgent to transform and upgrade to smart real estate

according to the agreement, Nokia bell will provide a series of end-to-end solutions, with the help of all-optical local area, home Wi Fi and 5g connection technologies, combined with the smart Park operation and management platform supported by IOT, cloud computing and big data, to support China construction industry group to design and build high-quality buildings, so as to provide better business, entertainment and leisure services, improve user experience, and truly improve people's quality of life

Jin Jian, executive vice president of Nokia bell and head of the enterprise business group, said:

smart real estate, which deeply integrates 5g, IOT, AI and other technologies with real estate, will be a hot spot in the future development of the real estate industry. Nokia bell is committed to Nanjing Julong. Since its establishment on April 27th, 1999, Nokia bell has been building a smart business to provide enterprises with cost-effective real estate and communities. Through the overall smart Park and community digital solutions, Nokia bell has provided network connections and related energy and economic transformation power for emerging residential communities and industrial parks, and helped promote the smart upgrading of real estate. We are deeply honored to cooperate with Zhongyuan Real Estate leading enterprise Jianye group this time. We will actively meet the opportunities and challenges brought by 5g, big data, blockchain and other new technologies to urban development. We believe that the cooperation between the two sides will better promote the construction of smart cities in Henan

this time, Henan Jianye and Nokia bell will work together to provide smart parks and smart community network deployment for Zhengzhou orange garden community and Shangqiu headquarters port, which is the first step to help Henan carry out smart city construction

Nokia bell is willing to explore the development opportunities of new infrastructure with you, and inject scientific and technological strength into the digital transformation and upgrading of real estate enterprises

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