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Nokia and Shanghai Bell help Philippine globe Telecom migrate to the cloud and IOT network

by deploying Nokia and Shanghai Bell 5g ready airscale wireless access technology, as well as 4.5g pro, IP, optical and operator SDN technologies in the Philippines, they help globe Telecom achieve fixed and mobile network transformation

in the process of realizing 5g, this framework agreement will help globe Telecom meet the needs of customers and IOT, And expand new enterprise customers

the agreement further consolidated the important position of Nokia and Shanghai Bell as the preferred end-to-end technology solution provider of globe Telecom

China, Beijing -- Nokia and Shanghai Bell recently announced that they had signed two framework agreements with globe Telecom, a leading telecom operator in the Philippines, on wireless technology, as well as IP, optical and SDN technology. According to the agreement, Nokia and Shanghai Bell will help globe Telecom build a more robust fixed and mobile network to meet the current and future rapid growth of data demand in the Philippines

according to the agreement, in the process of realizing IOT and 5g, globe Telecom will use the 5g ready airscale wireless access technology of Nokia and Shanghai Bell, as well as technical solutions such as IP, optical and carrier SDN to migrate to a flexible cloud network architecture to provide seamless connections for consumers and enterprise customers in the process of network upgrading. In addition, this network transformation of globe Telecom also provides support for the Philippine government's plan to further expand broadband services throughout the country

before signing the framework agreement, globe Telecom just obtained a new LTE spectrum. Nokia and Shanghai Bell will deploy their 4.5g Pro Technology in the Visayas islands and Mindanao region using 5g ready airscale base stations and Flexi Zone small base stations to provide broadband access services for some regions in the region for the first time. Globe Telecom will achieve great scalability and improvement in speed and capacity through mobile edge computing and advanced carrier aggregation technology, so as to deliver excellent new services. These technologies can also reduce power consumption and operating costs, improve network performance, and achieve network automation to a greater extent, and help globe Tel achieve higher foam stability and increase production with the high melt strength of these polymers. ECom improves user experience, meets the growing demand of IOT devices, and finally achieves the annual growth goal of the number of users of globe Telecom

according to the second framework agreement, Nokia and Shanghai Bell will also deliver IP and optical convergence networks and operator SDN technology for globe Telecom in the Philippines to improve the flexibility, quality, performance, coverage and capacity of its enterprise data service network. Globe Telecom will be able to provide network coverage for more regions in the Mindanao Muslim autonomous region (ARMM), including nanlanao Province, Maguindanao province, Brasilian Province, Sulu province and tavitawi province. Using the SDN platform of Nokia and Shanghai Bell, globe Telecom can also provide flexible data services such as on-demand bandwidth distribution nationwide, and expand its service scope to thousands of enterprise customers, global service providers, local government agencies, and institutions engaged in it business process outsourcing services, hotels, education, manufacturing, retail, health care, logistics, finance and other industries

fernando zobel de Ayala, director of globe Telecom, Ernest L. Cu, President and CEO, and chenyuhua, executive vice president of Nokia Communications China and Shanghai Bell joint management team signed the agreement at the China Philippines entrepreneur forum. Philippine President Rodrigo duterte attended the signing ceremony of the agreement

about the technology contained in the framework agreement:

Nokia and Shanghai Bell airscale base stations

Nokia and Shanghai Bell Flexi Zone small base stations

Nokia and Shanghai Bell netact

Nokia and Shanghai bell 7950 scalable routing system (XRS)

Nokia and Shanghai Bell 7750 service router

Nokia and Shanghai Bell 1830 photon service exchange flat tail hammer machine

through Nokia and Shanghai Bell network service platform, use Nokia and Shanghai Bell operator SDN software to realize ip/optical automation, optimization and guarantee

Nokia and Shanghai Bell will provide project management, design, engineering, planning, installation Ernest L. Cu, President and CEO of globe Telecom, said: as a leading fixed and mobile service provider in the Philippines, globe Telecom is committed to improving the Internet life of users. Through the innovative technologies of Nokia and Shanghai Bell, we are confident to lead the evolution of 5g and cloud network

Wang Jianya, President of the joint management team of Nokia Communications China and Shanghai Bell, said: This is another major agreement we have signed with our long-term partners, which further strengthens the important position of Nokia and Shanghai Bell as the preferred end-to-end solution provider of globe Telecom. We are committed to helping operators smoothly migrate to intelligent and forward-looking networks, provide seamless connections, and change the way humans communicate and connect

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using the 5g evolution path defined by Nokia, major operators can use 4.5g, 4.5g pro and 4.9g technology to obtain higher speed and capacity

about Nokia and Shanghai Bell

Nokia and Shanghai Bell have been rooted in China for more than 30 years. At present, they have about 18000 employees, including about 10000 R & D personnel. Their domestic sales service network covers 31 provinces and cities, and their international business covers more than 50 countries and regions. We have strong R & D capabilities and profound professional accumulation, and provide end-to-end information communication solutions and high-quality services for operators, enterprises and industry customers. In order to ensure voltage stabilization, we must slightly open the oil inlet valve, and lead the development in many fields, such as wired and wireless solutions, TD-LTE, application and analysis, IP networks, optical access solutions, etc

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