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Changes and conjectures of the new measures for the administration of automobile sales

at the previous special action to accelerate domestic trade circulation innovation, promote supply side structural reform, expand consumption and national market order work conference held by the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Commerce has considered and adopted the measures for the administration of automobile sales (hereinafter referred to as the "measures") and will release them in the near future (it is also said that they will be released at the end of April)

I. seven changes and impacts of the new "measures"

Mr. Zuo Maoxuan, a new media "China Automotive 30 people think tank", analyzed seven changes in the "management measures", as follows:

change 1 The name of the regulation

from the administrative measures for the unloading of large pumps of automobile brand sales and the separate oil supply and sale of small pumps to the administrative measures for the sale of automobiles, the word "brand" in the original provisions has been canceled, breaking the single "brand authorization" sales mode in China's automobile industry

change 2 Scope of application

the scope of application of the old "measures" is "engaging in brand sales activities", while the scope of application of the new "measures" is "engaging in automobile sales and related activities", which has a wider scope of application than the previous only for vehicle sales activities, and is extended to automobile sales and after-sales service system

change 3 Authorization management method system

the old method stipulates that the automobile circulation is a "brand authorization mode", while the new method cancels the single brand authorization mode. The threshold of automobile operation will be lowered, and there may be two forms of authorized operation and unauthorized operation

change 4 Authorization period

the authorization period of the old "measures" is once a year, and the new "measures" stipulates that the brand authorization period is generally not less than 3 years, and the first authorization period is not less than 5 years

the extension of the authorization period protects the investment interests of dealers, which is good for dealers

change 5 Sales and after-sales service

the old "measures" stipulated that auto suppliers should arrange sales and after-sales service, but according to the new "measures", suppliers and dealers cannot limit the suppliers and after-sales service providers of auto related supplies to consumers, and force consumers to buy insurance and other businesses

the separation of sales and after-sales is intended to break the monopoly. At the same time, it is also beneficial to the protection of consumers' rights and interests

change 6 There are two restrictions on suppliers in the old measures: ① suppliers shall not impose distribution quantities; ② Suppliers are not allowed to tie in brands

the new measures are more comprehensive for suppliers, specifically as follows:

① suppliers shall not specify the sales quantity of vehicles

② suppliers shall not specify the inventory variety or quantity of complete vehicles and accessories

③ suppliers shall not tie-in unlisted vehicles to dealers Accessories and other commodities

④ suppliers shall not restrict the reselling of the auto products of the enterprise between dealers.

multiple "no" in the new "measures" will give dealers greater autonomy

change 7 The old measures did not mention this aspect, while the new measures pointed out that accelerating the development of urban-rural integrated automobile sales and after-sales service network, promoting the innovation of automobile circulation mode, actively developing e-commerce, and vigorously strengthening the sales and after-sales service construction of new energy vehicles

this part is the new content of the new "measures", which mainly points out the future development direction in view of the current situation of vigorously developing new energy vehicles in China and paying attention to the development of the automobile market in the third and fourth tier cities

second, four after-sales changes caused by the "separation of sales and after-sales" conjecture

conjecture 1 4S group accelerates the process of outsourcing and export of parts

some insiders pointed out that since the concept of homogeneous parts was put forward, there have been many difficulties in landing at the level of 4S stores, the main reason for which is to challenge the monopoly of OEMs on auto maintenance parts. The new "measures" put forward that "suppliers shall not tie-in unsold cars, accessories and other goods to dealers", which also gives 4S stores more say in the use and outsourcing of homogeneous accessories

in addition, the new "measures" also pointed out that "suppliers shall not restrict the resale of their own automobile products among dealers", which is different from the previous decision made by the Ministry of transport The principle of "allowing authorized parts distribution enterprises and authorized maintenance enterprises to resell original parts to unauthorized maintenance enterprises or end users" expressed in the "guiding opinions on promoting the transformation and upgrading of the automobile maintenance industry and improving service quality" led by ten ministries and commissions including the national development and Reform Commission is consistent, which will facilitate the 4S group to export the original parts in stock to the independent after-sales market

conjecture 2 The 4S group will build a comprehensive maintenance center for the modification technology and alloy technology of nylon, POM, PC, PBT and other materials with large consumption in the automotive industry. From the perspective of the 4S group, under the current situation of rising rent costs and labor costs, the new "handling method" will allow the 4S group to consider integrating after-sales service resources shared by multiple brands and building a comprehensive maintenance center, but the new products of sculpteo are not clear about the center

it is understood that a 4S group in Shanghai previously wanted to turn a poorly operated 4S store into a multi brand after-sales service center. The huge imbalance in the increment also highlights the service and maintenance center. In addition to the constraints of the OEM, accessories and consumer identification will not pose a challenge:

(1) accessories: the spare parts brand of a single 4S store is relatively single, which cannot meet the needs of the comprehensive maintenance center; However, from the perspective of large-scale 4S groups, acting for multiple brands, the source of original accessories will not pose a challenge. Moreover, the OEMs are also actively promoting the second brand spare parts (applicable to more brands and models) to cope with the new changes in the after-sales market

(2) consumer identification: 4S Group brands nationwide or in the region can also be recognized by consumers through high-quality services as long as the awareness of brand display and external publicity is appropriately improved

guess 3 "Separation of sales and after-sales" will accelerate the process of professional segmentation and after-sales chain, and bring more cooperation opportunities

after the "separation of sales and after-sales", the market will produce more new channels such as "auto stores" or auto e-commerce. They only retain the new car sales business, and are good at efficient capital flow, And the after-sales service will be stripped off or outsourced to third-party professional service providers - which will provide more opportunities for third-party independent after-sales service enterprises to accelerate the chain process of professional segments. For example, as previously reported, siborepei, which specializes in providing rapid body and paint outsourcing services for the 4S group

in addition, from the perspective of commercial real estate investment, the "separation of sales and after-sales" will promote the birth of "outlets complex" in the field of automobile consumption (such as the pilot established in Changsha by former autohome in cooperation with Hunan Satellite TV), and create a one-stop automobile industry service ecosystem integrating new car sales, used cars, after-sales maintenance and automobile culture. Such an automotive service ecosystem requires the introduction of well-known brands and professional service providers in various fields to quickly achieve the effect of consumer aggregation - similar to the previous "Wanda real estate" model

policies and technologies have accelerated the pace of the whole society. Professional division of labor and cooperation are the general trend in all fields. The separation of sales and after-sales will promote the division of labor in the automotive service field, which is conducive to improving the overall efficiency of sales and after-sales

guess 4 One of the biggest changes in the new policy is that in the future, consumers will no longer be limited to 4S exclusive channels. Under the influence of new channels such as auto stores and auto e-commerce, car owners with transparent information will have a clearer understanding of the subsequent new car insurance and after-sales service, which will accelerate the new car after-sales loss of the OEM system

experts believe that this will be the longest and far-reaching impact of the new measures. The OEMs have long prepared for a rainy day and began to adjust the layout of the after-sales value chain. Such as SAIC General Motors' workshop, DPCA's sunshine craftsman, Dongfeng Nissan's okcare, Ford's quicklane, guangben's joy Express repair, etc. But the next question is, under the new after-sales system, who will lead the OEM and 4S group to be more efficient

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