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Nokia and Samsung recently signed an agreement. The new agreement aims to expand the scope of cross licensing of patents between the two sides and increase the number of building materials with waste plastics added to some patent groups. This is another agreement signed by both parties after the arbitration result was reached on February 1 this year

this latest agreement will enable the two companies to apply more of each other's patented technologies and will strengthen Nokia's technological leadership in the programmable world. The agreement is expected to have a positive impact on the net sales of Nokia technologies in the third quarter of 2016, the head of Nokia innovation said

by the end of 2016, the annual net sales of Nokia innovative technology from patents and brand licensing are expected to increase to 950million euros

Ramzi haidamus, President of Nokia innovation technology, said: Nokia has a combination of intellectual property rights from Nokia innovation technology and Nokia 1 gear reducers, including helical gear reducers, keyaro and Alcatel lucent, and has rich technical resources in mobile devices and other fields. Samsung recognizes our asset strength and signs this agreement with us. We welcome it very much. Next, we will continue to seek new licensing opportunities in more industries

about Nokia technologies

Nokia innovation technology is Nokia's advanced technology and licensing business unit. Founded in 2014, it has a solid foundation of industry leadership in licensing and technology R & D capabilities. By focusing on digital health, digital media, brand licensing and patent licensing, Nokia innovative technology is expanding human possibilities in the never-ending technology world. In 2015, Nokia innovative technology released the world's first professional virtual reality camera ozo

about Nokia

Nokia is the global leader in the technology of connecting human beings and everything. With the strong support of Nokia Bell Labs and Nokia innovative technology, Nokia is active in the front line of developing and licensing leading technologies, expanding the possibilities of the connected world. Nokia has the most cutting-edge software, hardware and services that can support all kinds of networks, and has unique advantages in providing technical support in the fields of 5g, cloud technology and IOT for communication service providers, government departments and large enterprises

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