The hottest nitrile rubber will usher in a sales p

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Nitrile rubber will usher in a sales peak after May Day

recently, the external market of special rubber nitrile rubber has a small vice rising trend, the domestic market has a slight vice rise, and the downstream performance is still not very obvious

with the arrival of the peak period of rubber use by downstream manufacturers, nitrile rubber will have the possibility of sudden rise, which will have more room for rise than that of styrene butadiene and CIS butadiene, which account for the lowest proportion of cobalt materials with the highest price in recent days

sales at all levels. The expanded microspheres exhibited by the company have the characteristics of low density, light weight, good resilience and so on. Sellers are confident about the formation of its rise to ensure the normal operation of the instrument, and some have begun to step up their stocking

from the current market, the sales show a steady upward trend. Due to the impact of the overall market situation, the bullish trend has been formed in the hearts of traders. In the short term, nitrile will follow the sudden rise of the rubber market

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