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Nokia, together with NTT DoCoMo and Omron, will accelerate 5g industry in the era of 4.0

Nokia will cooperate with Japanese mobile communication operators NTT DoCoMo and OMRON to conduct 5g field tests in factories and other production sites. Nokia provided 5g technology for this test, Omron factory provided automation equipment, and NTT DoCoMo was responsible for the operation of 5g test

Why did the 5g test come from

5g era, the demand for wireless communication in manufacturing workshops is increasing, and the demand for stable connection between IOT devices is also increasing. At the same time, considering that the background noise generated by the machine and the movement of people are likely to interfere with wireless communication, the test will also verify the reliability and stability of 5g technology through radio wave measurement and transmission experiments

The scratches made by soft objects are short

5g where is the test used

establish the concept of non layout production line through autonomous mobile robot (AMR)

with the rapid change of consumer demand, the product cycle becomes shorter and shorter, and the production line needs to be rearranged in a short time, and the production workshop will face increasing pressure. Taking advantage of 5g's high speed, large capacity, low delay and the ability to connect multiple devices at the same time, autonomous mobile robots (AMRS) will automatically transmit components to the required exact location according to the communication with production line equipment

with 5g connection, real-time guidance is carried out with the help of artificial intelligence/IOT technology

the camera will monitor machine operators, and the artificial intelligence system (AI) will analyze the lead screw according to their actions and provide feedback on their performance. Improve the work efficiency of technicians by detecting and analyzing the movement differences between personnel with different skill levels

John Harrington, head of Nokia Japan, said:

this test will help us solve some of the great challenges faced by today's manufacturers. 5g single sample origin covers China, India and Thailand, with high stability, low delay and higher throughput wireless connections, so that they can truly apply IOT to the extreme. The production line will be more flexible and adaptable, and the productivity of the factory workshop will also be greatly improved. We are committed to helping manufacturers realize the beautiful vision of industry 4.0

The relatively high viscosity of NTT DoCoMo 5g thermoplastic polymer is the main reason for processing problems. Takehiro Nakamura, senior vice president and general manager of the laboratory, said:

NTT DoCoMo has conducted many 5g use case tests with different partners, and factory automation is becoming one of the most interesting and challenging fields. We are very happy to cooperate with Nokia and OMRON to create new 5g services for the manufacturing industry. We are confident that with Nokia's expertise in 5g infrastructure and Omron's manufacturing technology, the autonomous mobile robot and man-machine cooperation non layout factory production line will play the best role

Shinji Fukui, executive president and senior general manager of Omron's industrial automation technology development department, said:

we are happy to carry out this experiment with Nokia and NTT DoCoMo, bringing 5g into the real production workshop. Omron uses the broadest range of control equipment, expertise and solutions in the industry to innovate the manufacturing industry. This cooperation integrates Omron's excellent control technology, NTT DoCoMo and Nokia's 5g cutting-edge technology, and uses 5g technology to create new solutions to solve problems in the manufacturing industry

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