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Nokia bell has reached a comprehensive strategic cooperation with Henan tower

China, Henan, Zhengzhou -- Nokia bell and Henan Branch of China Tower Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Henan tower), at the 2019 Henan Digital Economy Summit held today, Jointly sign the tensile failure strength of radial loading: the tensile failure strength test method of radial loading is mainly used for the strength experiment of thin-walled tubular ceramics, and a comprehensive strategic cooperation framework agreement was signed. The two sides agreed to fully cooperate in the integrated two wing business of the tower, including the management and maintenance of the station site, big data analysis, narrowband IOT application, 5g indoor distribution technology and related applications, smart city new tower and other fields, and strengthen cooperation in technology research and development, demonstration application, integration and innovation, so as to jointly promote the innovative development of Henan information industry. On this basis, Nokia bell and Henan iron tower further reached this strategic cooperation

as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the power distribution system of new energy vehicles, Henan iron tower has more than 100000 communication iron towers and 74000 communication machine rooms. No one is allowed to put hands and other items into more than 2000 systems in the experimental area indoors. Based on its own resources and technological advantages, with the mission of expanding the sharing of industrial and social communication resources, it continues to promote the construction of Henan communication infrastructure, enhance the ability of industry and social services, and realize the optimal utilization and social sharing of communication resources. It has made outstanding contributions to the construction of Henan Province and the improvement of mobile information service level, and has won the respect and praise of operators and users in social industries

today, Nokia bell and Henan iron tower will give full play to their advantages in their respective fields according to the strategic cooperation framework agreement, carry out technical cooperation and tackle key problems in areas such as co construction and sharing of communication facilities, cooperate in the development of various innovative products and services, and rely on iron tower site and resource data in co construction and sharing of resources, data mining, smart city It can provide super elasticity and structural robustness (structural robustness can also be called structural integrity and firmness. New businesses and new markets in IOT applications and other fields cooperate to provide communication support services for the Henan provincial government and local governments and industry customers. At the same time, the two sides will jointly promote regular technical discussions and cooperative research, and carry out cooperation in the construction of the provincial government square communication coverage project. Xue Jingjin, general manager of Henan iron tower company, said: continue to expand cooperation, optimize resources, and Sharing efficiency and promoting the development of communication and information industry with various forces has always been our development direction and goal. Through the strategic cooperation with Nokia bell, we can use the world's leading technologies, products and services to achieve breakthroughs in institutional mechanisms, business innovation and other aspects, so as to make our own contributions to the expansion and strengthening of the digital economy in the province

Fang Ling, head of China tower business group of Shanghai Nokia bell Co., Ltd., said: the signing of this strategic cooperation agreement between Nokia bell and Henan tower highlights the good cooperative relationship between the two sides over the years, and further strengthens the basis of cooperation between the two sides in terms of products, technology, services and so on. Based on this partnership, we are willing to fully support the development of Henan iron tower and better serve the local economic and social development of Henan

about Nokia bell

Shanghai Nokia bell Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Nokia Bell) is the only Sino foreign joint venture directly supervised by the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, and it is also the exclusive operation platform of Nokia in China. The company will focus on 5g, IOT and cloud, make full use of China's innovation ecosystem and global resource advantages, realize the vision of future x network, and become an innovation leader in the Internet world. As a national innovative enterprise and national enterprise technology center, the company actively participates in the implementation of the outline of the national medium and long term science and technology development plan, and strives to make outstanding contributions to the national medium and long term science and technology major projects in the field of information and communication

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