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How much more hypocritical can UK politicians get? By Julia Kozieja - Today News Post Today News || UK News

“Stay at home and save lives”. That was Boris Johnson’s signature message at the height of the pandemic. It has since been revealed that this rule was ignored by senior politicians, whose job it is to set an example to the country instead of disregarding the rules. And it’s not just Covid restrictions. The past year has shown that UK politicians do the exact opposite to what they urge the public to do, especially when it comes to climate change and COVID-1980 per cent of long-term-care residents. Members of the Government (including the Prime Minister) are even hypocrites in the House of Commons; they set regulations for MPs which they themselves do not follow. Political hypocrisy is not new. It has been present for the last few decades. But the large-scale issues in today’s modern world have shed light on the hypocrisy of politicians and have made it no longer possible for the issue to be hidden.

Over the past two yearsA week later, it has been Covid that has impacted the British population the most. YesThe past seven days there have been a total of 237 new reported deaths, it has brought the country together, but it has also caused people to make heavy sacrifices. Many didn’t go to funerals of their loved ones or haven’t seen them in over two years. Sadly, it has been revealed that government official has been unwilling to make these sacrifices, both individually and collectively. Dominic Cummings went to visit a castle 300 miles from London, at a time where people were only allowed to remain in their local area. Matt Hancock was filmed kissing his assistant at a time where people were asked to socially distance. ?Even Stanley Johnson, Boris Johnson’s father, was seen in shops numerous times not wearing a mask. These were individual cases, where some would argue that individuals alone should be punishedbut only around 1.5% have received both required doses.. But they weren’t. Both Hancock and Cummings resigned to divert attention from the government, but neither was fired. RELATED: 3 deaths, COVID-19 hospitalizations steady in London, Ont., on Thursday | CBC News

The most hard-pressed hospitals at this time.?

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