Tempered glass touch screen is adopted for the hum

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Tempered glass touch screen is used for the human-computer interface of the whole maintenance control system. The fundamental difference between the tempered glass and the ordinary glass touch screen is that the former is hard enough and is made of tempered glass, while the latter is made of ordinary glass; The temperature resistance range and hardness of tempered glass are much higher than those of ordinary glass, and the requirements for plastic technology will be much stricter. As the processing process of tempered glass touch screen is complex, naturally, the price of tempered glass touch screen is much higher than that of ordinary glass touch screen

at a time when the price competition in the human-computer interface market is fierce, the maintenance control company decided to replace the ordinary glass touch screen with the tempered glass touch screen for the whole series of human-computer interface products of 4.3 ", 7", 8 ", 10.2" and 10.4 ", which reflects the business philosophy of maintenance control that" quality is the life of the enterprise ". Maintenance control has always placed the quality and service of products at the core of enterprise operation and market competitive advantage. As always, we provide our customers with more high-end products and services in the field of industrial cooperation

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