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After buying the new house, it will be decorated. Decoration is a complex and long process. There are many steps in the whole process, and there is a certain connection between each step. Their order must not be wrong, but this order is very confused for owners who do not know much about decoration. So what is the process of house decoration? Now let's take a look with Xiaobian

after buying a new house, it is time to decorate it. Decoration is a complex and long process. There are many steps in the whole process, and there is a certain connection between each step. Their order must not be wrong, but this order is very confused for owners who do not know much about decoration. So what is the process of house decoration? Now let's take a look with Xiaobian

house decoration process 1 The preliminary measurement design

is mainly based on your own living habits plan, and a specific measurement of your own room, including the area touched by the detailed decoration process, especially the tiling area, wall paint area, wallpaper area, floor area, etc; And the size of each functional area, etc. according to the measured house type, we can start to make a reasonable layout design and decoration budget

house decoration process 2 The first step of the main body demolition and reconstruction

construction is the main body demolition and reconstruction stage. According to the design drawings, do specific wall demolition, base wall, wall peeling, heating, plastic steel window replacement, etc. To put it bluntly, the main demolition and renovation is to put up the plan of the construction site first. The garbage after demolition and renovation should be cleaned out in time to ensure indoor cleanliness, which is also for the convenience of construction. At this time, the finished door can be determined, and the cabinets, smoke machines, stoves, water heaters, etc. can be determined

house decoration process 3 Water and electricity transformation

the water circuit transformation can be done after the foundation project is built, but before that, the cabinet designer should come to the door for the first measurement, and put forward some relevant suggestions according to the orientation of the water inlet and the lampblack socket. After the renovation of the waterway, the waterproofing of the kitchen, bathroom and balcony should be done immediately. At this time, the position of the power supply and interface of the water heater should also be designed. On the wall under the basin, it is best to leave a power socket for the convenience of installing kitchen treasures. The air conditioning hole and power supply should be placed on the wall at the head of the bed as far as possible, and the distance between strong electricity and weak points should be 20 cm, that is, 20 cm should be left between the socket and the network cable

house decoration process 4 Carpenter

carpenter, bricklayer and oiler are the “ Three brothers ”, The sequence of operation is wood tile oil. The entry criterion is who is dirty first. In fact, carpentry works such as wrapping riser, making decoration ceiling and plastering line can also be considered as a detailed link of main body demolition and reconstruction in a sense. It does not conflict with water circuit reconstruction itself, and sometimes it needs some cooperation. Considering the environment of kitchen and bathroom, wood keel must not be used as the material of riser, even if it is painted with anti-corrosion paint. It is best to use light steel keel or red brick. Light steel keel saves place, but the most solid and easy to use is red brick

house decoration process 5 Tiling

in addition to the tiling of walls and floors, the process of Tilers' work also involves the installation of door stones, marble windowsills and hardware. The door stone and the floor tile can be carried out at the same time or later. The marble windowsill should be installed after the window casing is completed. There is also the installation of floor drains. Floor drains are the first to enter the site in home decoration hardware, which should be synchronized with the floor tiles. After the kitchen wall and floor tiles are paved, the range hood can be installed. After these are done, you can start the second measurement of the cabinet. At the same time, you need to buy paint, wall paint, nitro paint, diluted water, etc. and stick wallpaper first

house decoration process 6 Paint the wall

the oiler should do the bottom treatment of the wall, paint the top coat, paint the furniture, etc. If you stick wallpaper, you can do the bottom treatment on the wall. If you want to paint colors on the walls, you must pay attention to the color matching. The color you call out should be lighter than the color card. You must not be the same as or deeper than the color card, otherwise you will regret it. Because when brushing the wall, the finish paint should be applied at least twice, and some should be applied three times. The color of the wall will be darker and darker

house decoration process 7 Kitchen and bathroom ceiling

cabinet ceiling is the beginning of the installation process, which includes the installation of moisture-proof ceiling lights, exhaust fans (Yuba) and so on. Wire ends and openings should be left in the ceiling, and the water heater and Yuba should be installed first. After installation, the edge sealing of the ceiling can better half pack the water heater, that is, the connection is more beautiful. It's best to buy aluminum buckle ceiling. Even if it is removed after many years, it's worth a lot of money to sell waste aluminum. Although PVC gusset plate is good-looking, its quality and performance are general. When buying gusset plates, you should ask the full package price. Don't buy gusset plates and corners separately, otherwise the installation fee is calculated separately

house decoration process 8 Kitchen equipment

after the ceiling is finished, you can invite the cabinet door-to-door equipment. The installation of cabinets is accompanied by the installation of sinks, gas stoves, etc., because cabinets are a cooperative project, smoke machines, stoves and sinks should be arranged in advance. Before the cabinet equipment, the property should be reconciled and the gas should be connected, because the gas stove needs to be tested after it is installed

house decoration process 9 Wooden door equipment

although the wooden door has been measured before, the installation is carried out on the second day after the cabinet is installed. If it goes well, the installation can be completed in one day. The finished door should be installed before the floor, mainly because the door installation steps are complex, including hinges, door locks, door suckers, door frames, etc., and many tools are used. If the floor is installed first, bumps are difficult to avoid. Many owners install the floor first and then the door, and there are many small pits on the floor. The manufacturing cycle of wooden doors is generally one month, so after the main body is demolished, the wooden door manufacturer can come to the door to measure the door opening standard

house decoration process 10 Floor equipment

the floor can be laid on the second day after the wooden door is installed. Before laying, the flatness of the ground should be surveyed first. If it is uneven, it needs some leveling, and the ground should be cleaned without water; When laying, the cutting of the floor must be in the corridor. Cutting the floor indoors will seriously pollute the walls, and the cutting of the artificial stone countertop of the cabinet should also be in the corridor, as long as it is cleaned after completion

house decoration process 11 Installing radiators

installing radiators is the easiest to be careless, mainly because it is easy to be fooled when buying. Pay attention to the installation list of the radiator to see if the part stamped is the seal of the manufacturer. If it is the seal of the installation team, and then agree, it basically means that you have given up the right to let the manufacturer be responsible. Once there is an accident of soaking the floor and flooding the home, the manufacturer will absolutely shirk the responsibility, and the installation team can't find anyone at all. The so-called warranty can only be borne by the user. If the seal on the installation sheet is not the seal of the manufacturer, it will not be signed

house decoration process 12 Furniture, home appliances, soft decoration accessories

the decoration process here will basically have the appearance of home. Of course, if you want a more comfortable home, you can't have less furniture. After the above procedures, you can put the bed, mattress, wardrobe, shoe cabinet, sofa, dining table and other furniture back in place, and the corresponding household appliances such as TV and washing machine should also enter the site. By this time, the whole decoration process is over. Finally, you can match the soft decoration, including the matching of curtains, decorative paintings, plants, handicraft ornaments and so on

article summary: the above is the sequence introduction of the housing decoration process. Decoration is an orderly process. After understanding its steps, it is not easy to make mistakes in decoration. I hope the sharing of Xiaobian can provide some help to the owners when decorating the house. Please pay attention to more relevant information





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