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Apply putty before painting the wall, which usually takes 1-3 times, during which the normal drying time is 1-2 days. However, when applying putty in rainy days, wipe the moisture on the wall with a dry cloth to keep the wall as dry as possible. At the same time, according to the actual weather conditions, the time for the putty to dry out should be extended as much as possible, generally 2-3 days is appropriate

do not brush paint in rainy days

for wood products, whether it is varnish or nitrocellulose paint when mixing oil, remember not to brush it in rainy days. Because the surface of wood products will condense a layer of water vapor in rainy days. At this time, if you brush paint, the water vapor will be wrapped in the paint film, making the surface of wood products muddy. For example, brushing nitrocellulose paint on rainy days will lead to uneven color, while brushing paint will cause whitening

if you have to rush the construction period, you can add a certain amount of whitening powder to the paint. According to professionals, whitening powder can absorb moisture in the air and speed up drying, but it will also have a certain negative impact on the quality of the project. Therefore, in general, even if the construction team is asked to do other work first or temporarily stop work for two days, it is also best not to do paint work in rainy days

in addition, the rainy season has little impact on the painting of emulsion paint on the wall, but attention should also be paid to appropriately extending the time for wall drying after the first painting. Generally speaking, the normal interval is about 2 hours, and rainy days can be extended according to weather conditions

pay attention to moisture prevention during decoration construction in rainy season

summer rain generally has large rainfall and rapid onset, which makes the air humidity increase sharply. If corresponding protective measures are not taken during construction at this time, it will have a certain adverse impact on the progress and quality of home decoration. So many consumers are worried about decoration in rainy season. Is construction really troublesome in rainy season? How can we guarantee the project quality? Experts said that the key to rainy season construction is moisture-proof. As long as this is done well, all kinds of adverse factors in rainy season construction will be eliminated


maintain good indoor ventilation

in rainy days, not only the air is wet, but also the air pressure is low, so all doors and windows should be opened during construction to maintain good indoor ventilation. This is not only conducive to the health of construction personnel, but also conducive to the early drying of indoor walls, floors and wood

floor decoration:

don't let the cement get damp when paving bricks

when paving bricks on the ground in rainy days, it's best to cover the cement surface with kraft paper or plastic cloth, and try to keep it away from the water source, so as to prevent it from forming blocks after being damp or soaked. However, the plastered cement will still be affected by the humidity of the air, which will slow down the setting speed. Therefore, after paving the floor tiles, you can't step on them immediately. You should set up a springboard to facilitate passage

try not to pave wooden floors in rainy days

try not to pave solid wood floors or composite floors in rainy days. Because the ground will be damp in rainy days, especially on the first floor, there will also be moisture return. At this time, the water evaporates slowly and the glue dries slowly. In this case, it is easy to deform or appear hollowing in the future. However, in overcast days when the air humidity is not very high, wood floors can still be paved, but pay attention to the compactness of the pavement, otherwise when the weather is sunny, the moisture will be evaporated and cleaned, which will lead to the shrinkage of the wood floors, resulting in excessive gaps between the floors

other engineering projects:

prevent wood products from deformation due to moisture

the most important thing for rainy season construction is to prevent the deformation of wood products made on site. The specific protective measures are: when the wooden doors and windows are formed and have not been painted (sprayed), the weight can be used to press them flat for nearly a week, so that the structure of the door or window is basically stable, so as to prevent the wood products from deforming due to moisture

to prevent wires from being short circuited by moisture and causing fire

when decorating in rainy days, we should pay more attention to the standardized operation of circuit transformation, especially in places prone to rain, such as balconies, we must wrap the copper wire ends exposed outside the wires when there are no buried wires, so as to prevent the wires from being short circuited after being wet. This should be noticed especially for wires surrounding damp wooden keels, large core boards and other wooden products. Otherwise, if you are careless, it is likely to cause a fire




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