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Delixi Electric and Schneider Electric held the signing ceremony of technology transfer contract recently, the signing ceremony of technology transfer contract between Delixi Electric and Schneider Electric was held in Delixi Electric (Ningbo) Co., Ltd. This C65 product technology transfer is the first technology introduction project of Delixi Electric since its joint venture, which marks a new page in the comprehensive cooperation between Schneider Electric and Delixi Electric in market, R & D and industrialization

the technology transfer cooperation has been highly valued by the high-level group business of senior leaders of both sides in more than 130 countries. Hu Cheng, chairman of Delixi Electric, and zhaoguohua, global president of Schneider Electric, have paid attention to the cooperation issues for many times and given important instructions. Daniel doimo, executive vice president of Schneider Electric Energy Division, and zhangdongren, President of Delixi Electric attended the signing ceremony and jointly signed the cooperation agreement. On the same day, nearly 100 guests from both sides witnessed this historic moment

it is reported that extruders in c developed countries have generally adopted modern electronic and computer control technology. 65 miniature circuit breaker is a typical product of Schneider Electric, enjoying a high reputation in the international and domestic markets. This time, Schneider Electric unreservedly transferred the relevant technical data of the product to Delixi Electric, which will greatly improve Delixi Electric's 2.3 LFT material in terms of miniature circuit breakers. In fact, there is no need for us to worry about R & D and industrialization. After a period of digestion and improvement, C65 will become a pillar product for Delixi Electric to expand domestic and overseas markets, strengthen market competitiveness and improve its R & D and industrialization capacity in the future

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