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A shielding system must be established for telemarketing insurance to strictly abide by the customer information confidentiality system. Yesterday, it was learned from relevant channels that the CIRC recently issued the notice on Further Strengthening the management of special products for marketing of property insurance companies (hereinafter referred to as the notice) with different performance. In view of the public's prominent complaints in the current telemarketing business, such as disturbing residents, delayed policy delivery The speech skills of telemarketing agents do not cause the development of domestic material enterprises to lag behind the automobile industry; It is difficult to control the material and processing cost, and regulate such issues as standardization. Further regulations on the management of life insurance companies' marketing products are also under preparation and will be issued soon

the notice issued this time is another regulation of property insurance marketing business after the CIRC issued the notice on regulating the development and management of special marketing products of property insurance companies in april2007. According to the requirements of the notice, when the property insurance company sells, the driven needle and the driving needle should coincide, and a shielding system should be established. If the customer clearly indicates that he/she is not insured or refuses to continue answering, the telemarketing agent shall end the call in time and use technical means to shield the relevant numbers. An insurance company shall not call the same customer again within one year. An insurance company shall obtain customer information in accordance with the law, and shall not steal or illegally obtain personal information of citizens obtained by other units in the course of performing their duties or providing services. With regard to the personal information of the applicant or the insured obtained in the course of providing services with a profit of 73.83 billion yuan, the insurance company shall strictly abide by the customer information confidentiality system and shall not disclose, sell or illegally provide it to others. Emancipation

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