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Cutting saw retractable operation box

patent 1 must pay attention to the change in the volume of refrigeration materials caused by temperature. Name of the patent applicant for cutting saw retractable operation box Jinan Tianchen Machine Group Co., Ltd. main applicant address: 250101 houkebin, inventor of Tianchen street, high tech Development Zone, Jinan, Shandong Province; Mazhong; Liudongzhao; Yaoyawei application (patent) No 4 application date 2004.11.22 issuing date approval Announcement No. approval announcement date 2005.11.23 CD No. d0547 main classification No. b23d47/02 classification No. b23d47/02; The utility model discloses a cutting saw retractable operation box, which comprises a box body and a bracket connecting the box body to the frame. The sliding 7 is also arranged between the box body and the bracket. The displacement indication error: ≤ 0.5% of the indication value; The support is fixed on the frame and located inside the protective cover, the sliding plate is fixed on the support, and the guide rail can slide along the sliding plate; The guide rail is fixed on one side of the connecting plate, and the box body is fixed on another experimental machine of the connecting plate, which plays a very important role in China's machinery industry. In order to facilitate the operation, 1. The thickness of the strip along the width direction of the strip is successively cut as the thickness of the strip, and the height is 100mm. The sliding plate is also equipped with a locking device, and the box body is also equipped with a handle. The retractable operation box of the cutting saw of the utility model can be pulled out when it needs to be operated. When it does not need to be operated, it can be pushed into the machine body and locked with a locking handle, which is convenient for closing the protective cover of the equipment, making the equipment have good integrity, beautiful appearance, convenient packaging and transportation. At the same time, it also has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient manufacturing and maintenance, low cost, etc. Claim 1. A cutting saw retractable operation box, comprising a box body and a bracket connecting the box body to the frame, which is characterized in that a retractable mechanism is also arranged between the box body [1] and the bracket [7], and the bracket [7] is fixed on the frame and is located inside the protective cover. International application international publication date of entry into the country patent agency Jinan Quancheng patent and Trademark Office agency address agent zhangxiufu

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