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Before the 1990s, Jiangxi Changjiang Glass Fiber Co., Ltd. was only a glass fiber production workshop of Jiangxi Changjiang Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., which only served as the basic material for military factories to produce non-metallic composite materials; Today, the company has three complete modern glass fiber cloth production lines for printed circuit boards, with an annual output of more than 50million meters. Abstracts of various high, middle and thin grades are sent to the query subsystem for medium-sized electronic glass fiber cloth, yarn and various coated fabrics. Its products take the lead in the domestic market and are also exported to foreign countries, earning an annual foreign exchange of nearly 20million US dollars

one-time technical transformation to meet their own needs

in the early 1990s, Jiangxi Changjiang Chemical Co., Ltd. stepped out of the simple planned economy. At that time, the sales volume of CCL products was very good, but the production capacity of glass fiber cloth, the basic material of CCL, was far from meeting the requirements. So they began to carry out technical transformation projects, and introduced foreign advanced jet looms and sizing machines to produce a line, so as to greatly improve the production capacity of glass cloth. However, due to the changes in the market, Changjiang chemical did not make the copper clad laminate industry go up against the current for many times, while the glass fiber of Changjiang was "inadvertently inserted into the willows" and developed all the way

the second technical transformation has completed the technical upgrading.

entering the 21st century, China's electronic industry has developed rapidly. As the basic material of electronic industry, glass fiber cloth is also developing towards multi variety and high-end. At that time, through the digestion and absorption of imported equipment, Changjiang chemical developed 7628 electronic cloth from low-end glass cloth, but the product technology content was not high, the consumption was large, and the profit was not high. As the market demand is increasingly developing towards large-scale and high-quality, its products are difficult to meet the market demand in terms of quality and specification. In 2004, Jiangxi Changjiang Chemical Co., Ltd. established Jiangxi Changjiang Glass Fiber Co., Ltd. through a joint venture with Hangzhou Huazheng Electronic Materials Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Nanya copper clad laminate Co., Ltd. by holding 82% of the shares to seek the development of glass fiber industry

3, room temperature 10oC ⑶ 5oC; After the establishment of the new company, it vigorously carried out technical transformation, actively expanded new production lines, made efforts to improve the level of process equipment, introduced main equipment from European manufacturers, and built a production line with an annual output of 7628 electronic Buda of 18million meters. During this period, Changjiang chemical has developed a variety of new products to meet the market demand through technical transformation for many times. In 2008, the company developed a new generation of starch type single warp and single weft electronic yarn to produce electronic grade alkali free glass cloth, which was listed in the national torch plan

industrial transformation has been realized through three technical transformations.

high grade thin alkali free glass fiber cloth has become the base material for upgrading electronic products in recent years. Such high-grade glass cloth in China basically depends on imports. In order to meet the market demand, Changjiang glass fiber, which has been making glass cloth for more than ten years, began to further adjust the industrial structure relying on the existing core production technology

2009, after fully demonstrating the market demand and development, Changjiang glass fiber began to carry out three-phase technical transformation. On the basis of the existing electronic glass cloth production technology, a new electronic alkali free glass cloth production line with an annual output of 30million meters was built, which could achieve a sales revenue of more than 300million yuan and a profit of more than 60million yuan. The new production line completely selects domestic equipment to realize low-cost expansion. They adopted the world's most advanced high-pressure water fiber opening technology, as well as the innovative high-efficiency formula and other high-tech series with independent blown film and many other intellectual property rights using technology, such as food preservation, based on the introduction of the company in the early stage, and successfully developed 7628, 2116, 1080 and other high-grade, thin glass fabrics with large international demand, breaking the foreign monopoly of thin electronic fabrics, It fills the blank of thin electronic grade alkali free glass cloth in China

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