The hottest PVC is expected to maintain finishing,

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[PVC] it is expected to maintain consolidation, and the short-term weakness of PVC will not change

I. market overview

pvc spot transactions continue to shrink, with light trading and weak performance, and some offers continue to callback; Five type electric stone materials in North China market are reported to be delivered at RMB/ton; In East China, most of them are yuan/ton; In the South China market, the mainstream is yuan/ton, the downstream receiving is light, and the merchants mainly give up profits

second, a brief introduction to the upstream market

the minutes of the Federal Reserve meeting showed that a few directors said they might need more stimulus measures; Euro zone finance ministers will reach an agreement on assistance to Spain; New York crude oil futures closed up 2.3% at $85.81 a barrel, while ice Brent crude oil futures rose $2.26 to $100.23 a barrel

on Wednesday (July 11), ethylene in Asia rose, CFR Northeast Asia rose $33 to $per ton, and CFR Southeast Asia rose $43 to $per ton

III. local market conditions

today's PVC market offer is stable and small. The 25 industries of superconducting materials, graphene and liquid metal subdivided by new materials are stable, and the operation is step by step. The downstream terminal enterprises are still mainly used and purchased at any time

the PVC market in Qilu Chemical City fluctuates little on the whole, mainly in the downstream, and most merchants ship with the market. The reference quotation of each material: s700 is quoted at 6670 yuan/ton, S1000 is quoted at about yuan/ton, and qs1050p is quoted at 6590 yuan/ton. (tax excluded)

the PVC market in Linyi is running smoothly and the demand is flat. As a supplement to the national graphene Research Institute, the mainstream offer still has room for negotiation. At present, the mainstream quotation of ordinary type 5 electric stone is yuan/ton, excluding tax. Most of them are Jinwei/salinization/Xinfa materials, Dongyue is more than reported at around 6140 yuan/ton, and offshore chemical is more than reported at around yuan/ton. (all quotation excluding tax)

the PVC market in Hangzhou continued to decline by 30 yuan/ton, and the downstream receiving was light, and the transaction was not prosperous. At present, Tianchen/Tianneng 5-type warehouses in Lanxi, Hangzhou, Yuyao and Zhenhai, Zhejiang offer 6420 yuan/ton, and large quantities can be preferential

IV. in terms of the latest quotation,

the quotation of Chengdu Huarong PVC was slightly reduced by 50 yuan, about 50% of the plant was started, and the type 5 electric stone was delivered to Sichuan at 6650 yuan/ton. The transaction can be preferential, mainly local peripheral transactions

the quotation of PVC in huojiagou, Shanxi Province is stable, the construction of the device is about 50%, the ex factory acceptance of type 5 calcium carbide is 6500 yuan/ton, and the spot exchange is 200 yuan/ton lower. Large orders can be appropriately preferential, and the implementation is slightly flexible

the quotation of chlor alkali PVC in Shanghai remained stable, about 60% of the plant was started, and the ethylene materials were delivered to the surrounding areas at 6850 yuan in cash exchange, and the acceptance was 6950 yuan/ton, which was slightly flexible

v. future forecast

yesterday's elimination of projects, the reduction of gasoline and diesel prices depressed the PVC price, the market trend was relatively flat, and the trading was poor. The merchants are pessimistic, mostly bearish about the aftermarket, cautious in downstream replenishment, and mainly purchase on demand. It is expected that the PVC market will be difficult to make a breakthrough in the short term and will continue to consolidate

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