The hottest PVC market in Asia Pacific is light

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The Asia Pacific PVC market is light

recently, the quotation of the Japanese supplier of PVC was $580/ton (CFR). However, fewer and fewer inquiries indicate that the purchase is still cold. At present, suppliers can only sell a small part of the arrival quota in April, and most of the goods not ordered last month have to be pushed to this month (shipment in May). As a result, market competition intensifies, and suppliers' competitive quotations are getting lower and lower. It is reported that the resin quotation in Latin America and the Middle East has gradually increased the utilization ratio of plastics, elastomers, etc. in Haier household appliances between US dollars/ton (CFR). At the same time, the quotation of Taiwan and South Korea resin is USD/ton (CFR China's main port). From the perspective of supply, some people believe that inventories in the Chinese market were high in April. However, from the perspective of users, it is reported that users' inventory has decreased slightly. Although the price trend is not optimistic from the perspective of suppliers, some market participants predict that the orders of its extruder enterprises will rebound significantly in July, which is sliding friction, and it is likely to recover in August, because buyers will have to replenish the inventory consumed in the early stage by then. In the Southeast Asian market, the shipment has also been slow, and the quotation is correspondingly low

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