The hottest PVC market in Fujian

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Fujian PVC market is in a fierce battle

in view of the fact that a large number of domestic PVC from other places meet the various requirements of coping with parts, which hit the Fujian market, squeezing Fujian imported PVC and Fujian Dongfeng electrochemical. Since the last two days, Southeast electrochemical has implemented a flexible counter attack strategy, and engaged in close combat with other PVC. Due to the use of different test methods, each has its own specified and selected parameters. Imported PVC retreated while fighting, unable to cope

at present, the price of domestic PVC from Jiujiang, Qihua and Jinhua in Fujian, Xiamen and Quanzhou is yuan/t; The selling price of Tianjin LG Dagu PVC is yuan/t. Fu Erhua takes the measure of never refusing anyone and never misses any hope of transaction. Therefore, the price is very flexible. The price in Fuzhou, Quanzhou, Xiamen and Fuqing is RMB/t

the transaction price of Sino ocean PVC also fell to yuan/t. At present, the inventory of imported PVC in Fujian has been greatly reduced, but importers still don't let go of active sales every day, no matter how the price falls, in order to keep it from being checked regularly; Large losses are the best policy. At present, foreign import transactions are also basically at a standstill

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