The hottest PVC market continues to slow down

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PVC market continues to slow down


Qilu Petrochemical, market transaction prices continue to decline slightly, and industry insiders lack confidence in the future. Normal production. Xi'an chemical industry is going from bad to worse. With the changes of seasons, the downstream processing in the northwest region is now in the state of half construction, and the processing will be stopped by the beginning of November. The future market is not optimistic. HuaSu chemical, the price has not been adjusted. BOC electrochemical, the PVC market is stable this week, and the inventory is normal; The supply and demand of other products are balanced. Hebei Baoshuo has normal PVC production and stable sales. Tianjin chemical, PVC production is normal this week, price 1. Pneumatic protection: the system can set a small callback, and the price of paste resin is relatively stable. Nanning Chemical, PVC sales are normal, shipments are average. Southeast electrification and northern areas have entered South China at large low prices, and the prices are chaotic. Nantong resin, the shipment is not smooth, and the price is still likely to decline

market conditions in East China, NISCO lowered the coke purchase price by 30 yuan/ton

this week, the domestic market situation was still slow downward, with a range of about yuan. However, there is no reason for the large-scale decline at present. In mid September, most enterprises have expected the changing trend of the market and formulated complete sales strategies in advance to advance the shipment speed in case of accidents; After several price struggles, the mentality of enterprises has become relatively calm, operating in full accordance with the operating rules of the market, and there are no previous ups and downs in prices, thus bringing about a stable situation in the October market. According to the analysis of insiders, although there is no sign of market price strengthening, there is no pressure on the inventory of enterprises, and the shipment situation is OK. On the other hand, it shows that downstream users still maintain the willingness to receive goods, so it will not cause a sharp decline in prices in the short term. In addition, there have long been rumors in the market that a large number of low-cost Russian goods will arrive at home, making both buyers and sellers on alert. According to the feedback from local markets, Russian goods have not been seen on the market at present. In view of the current market situation, the author believes that both ethylene method and calcium carbide method should adhere to the current operation strategies and maintain the current market situation stably. Although the peak processing season is fading, the sharp reduction of imported resources and the implementation of tariff concessions leave a glimmer of hope for the market

at present, from the perspective of various regions, South China is down 50 yuan. This week, the price focuses on the three major fields of cutting-edge new materials, key strategic materials and advanced basic materials, and continues to be stable between yuan. The downstream goods taking is negatively affected by the arrival of imports. The market performance is general. The price of PVC in Guangzhou is still high. At present, the mainstream calcium carbide PVC is still sold at about 5600 yuan, and some small manufacturers operate at 5400 yuan. It is understood that, The 5600 yuan market operation mainly comes from Sichuan, and the 5400 yuan transaction comes from the surrounding areas of Ningxia. The petroleum PVC may operate for 5700 yuan, and the quotation is generally about 5750 yuan. The price decline of Shantou is 50 yuan, which is mainly caused by the early dumping of a manufacturer in Fujian. The mainstream price of PVC in Fujian is about yuan, and the supply of large manufacturers can only operate for 5650 yuan. It is understood that the achievement of a local manufacturer leaving the factory is related to the external environment. The operation yuan is about 1000 tons, At present, the sales situation is general. It is understood that a large number of PVC from the West and northeast will arrive in South China next week, and the market price will fall again. The East China area has basically declined by 50 yuan. At present, it is between yuan. The Central Plains area is affected by the maintenance of major manufacturers, and the price is stable between yuan. The North China area hovers between yuan, and the low price has declined slightly. The western market continues to adhere to the mainstream of 5400 yuan. Affected by the overhaul of a major manufacturer in Henan, the source of foreign goods has decreased. Signed here, a manufacturer in Zhejiang has raised the price by 50 yuan. At present, the mainstream operating price in Zhejiang is between yuan, and the source of goods from large manufacturers is between yuan, and 5700 yuan is not easy to clinch a deal. At present, the sales of high-end PVC are relatively ideal. The ex factory operation of local PVC manufacturers in Jiangsu is 5450 yuan, basically reduced by 50 yuan. VCM is generally clinched this week, with the price of 425 dollars, and the purchase volume in Jiangsu is about 30000 tons, The price of a major manufacturer in Shanghai is on the high side, and the factory shipments yuan, but the export price of its traders is generally yuan

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