The hottest PVC market in Europe is still under gr

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The European PVC market is still under great pressure

the European PVC market is still under great pressure. Prices fell by at least 50 euros in May. Manufacturers are also trying to reduce inventory, but this is entirely related to resin production in April. The reduction in the operating rate of manufacturers has also led to changes in market conditions, and some factories are still in the process of shutdown and overhaul. The export cargo of the Middle East and North Africa also effectively diverted the inventory pressure

as the construction of domestic projects in Europe is the main focus to promote the revitalization of Hejin, there is little market demand for exports to Asia. European suppliers are still trying to balance supply and demand in the market. At present, there are many quotations in the market. The quotation of European manufacturers in the local market is 650 euros FD

last week, the sales price of German auto suppliers in the Russian market remained unchanged at Euro FD. Small dealers raised prices. At present, the domestic resin price is still relatively stable

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