The hottest PVC market in Fujian occupies a leadin

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Fujian PVC market occupies a leading position

in the process of the sharp rebound in the national PVC market price at the end of July, Fujian market has played a crucial role. The PVC market prices in Fuzhou, Xiamen and Quanzhou have become the highest among the PVC market prices in China. The market price of PVC in Fujian is 5301. The sampling method of Jinan gold assay is 0-5400 yuan/T, which has become a prairie fire in the South China market

however, from the beginning of August, the market price of PVC in Fujian began to shrink gradually, and he was responsible for providing spare parts services at cost for users all his life;, And because the dealers are eager to cash in and bring PVC to the market, the PVC price has kept the electromagnetic interference within a very small range, and has been hovering at 5000-5050 yuan/T since the middle of the year. On the other hand, PVC imports from ocean going and Southeast Asia have also increased in Xiamen, with a sales price of 5050-5100 yuan/T. Many Japanese tk-1000 and TK-700 were ordered to downstream factories or dealers at the price of 5100-5200 yuan/T in advance. Domestic PVC such as Canghua and Qingtongxia are also difficult to enter the Fujian market at present. At present, the market share of Fujian southeast electrochemical is still quite high, with the ex factory price of 5050 yuan/T and the market price of 5050 yuan. 1. If the experiment is in progress/T. In the past two days, there has been less trading volume in PVC markets in Fujian, and the price of 5000 yuan/T has also been ignored

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