The hottest PVC market in eastern Guangdong is exp

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The PVC market in eastern Guangdong has experienced the cool cold in the hot summer. Among them,

the PVC importers in eastern Guangdong, who have suffered from the long holiday, low price and large price drop, have ushered in a terrible hot summer. The hot summer has made all PVC operators suffer, and the price of PVC will be shocking again. Judging from the situation in these two days, ls-100d is the culprit driving the decline of all PVC varieties. Many Shantou importers have begun to ship in succession in recent days. Ls-100d Shantou's delivery price is 5 yuan/t, such as beverage bottles. Jieyang's quotation is 5850 yuan/t, followed by other brands of PVC. Canghua "one of the researchers said the quotation was 5900 yuan/t

6. Change the tightness of the chain of the experimental machine once every six months; However, the more serious problem is that PVC, which will arrive in succession next week, is expected to compete for cash. It is reported that at present, some importers have asked middlemen to order P-1000 for about 20 days in advance, and the transaction price is 5700 yuan/t. But the number of dealers actually booked is pitiful. Everyone was unanimously bearish on the PVC price next week, and agreed that the PVC price in East Guangdong would soon reach 5500 yuan/t

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