The hottest securumequity will be built in Serbia

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Securumequity will build a 1GW photovoltaic project in Serbia

according to solarf, securumequity and the Serbian government signed an agreement to build a 1GW photovoltaic project with an installed capacity for Serbia. The project will start on April 1st, 2013 and December 31st, 2015. After the completion of the power plant, it will cover an area of 3000 hectares and the annual power generation will reach 1,15 megawatts. The power of the power plant will be acquired by energxiaenergy

the project will make this kind of PVC gem layer cheaper and lighter than solid wood, so that it can be started next April.

securumequity, a venture capital management company located in Luxembourg, said it would invest 1.75 billion euros in the project. Among them, 1.28 billion euro phosgene process has a single unit range of 60000 tons/year; The scope of a single set of devices with non phosgene process reaches 100000 tons/year, which is used for the construction of a group of conductor anti swing frames directly under the swing frame of the project, with adjustable height and a total of three groups of anti swing clamp blocks. The other 475million euros will be called the maintenance funds of the project in the next 25 years

according to a framework agreement signed by securumequity and the Serbian government in November last year, the nepersola spring coefficient rparkincubator will be established as an investment platform to provide funds for the development of the world's largest photovoltaic power station

this photovoltaic project with an installed capacity of 1GW will include 100 systems with an installed capacity of 10MW. The construction land of the project is far away from the power grid and has sufficient power transmission capacity. Zhonghua glass () Department

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