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Affordable housing is a double-edged sword furniture paint is not necessarily spring

affordable housing is a double-edged sword furniture paint is not necessarily spring

December 23, 2011 reading: Source: Zhuo Chuang information contribution | submitted to the government work report during the 2017 two sessions pointed out that draft

[China paint information] recently, more and more furniture paint market participants have high hopes for the future of affordable housing, a huge number of 36million units in the 12th Five Year Plan, At first glance, it will certainly bring a little warmth to the current sluggish furniture market. Indeed, 36 million housing units, according to statistics, will meet the housing problem of 100million urban population. If it is completed, it is indeed a huge potential market demand for furniture paint. However, under the background that the state has never loosened the regulation and control of the real estate market, the affordable housing has not only cracked down on high housing prices, but also on speculative demand, but also on rigid demand to a certain extent. In recent years, the weakness of the real estate market is mostly due to the wait-and-see situation that affects demand

indeed, affordable housing is a sharp weapon to stabilize the real estate market, and it is also a necessary weapon to promote the domestic real estate market to a benign path in the later stage. It is precisely under the situation that the pressure of affordable housing on house prices cannot be underestimated that some developers in some first tier cities have been fighting for many years, shouting at the national affordable housing system, pointing fingers and pointing fingers, just because the three words of affordable housing have really blocked their money

it can be seen that affordable housing has squeezed the speculative demand of the real estate market, but due to the pressure of affordable housing, the bearish expectation caused by the decline of housing prices has also interfered with the enthusiasm of consumers to buy houses to a certain extent. Secondly, the national purchase restriction order promotes the demand for self occupied or improved housing, which also backlog speculation in the real estate market to a large extent. Therefore, in the later stage, affordable housing, purchase restriction order The use of lightweight materials in real estate has become an important means to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from cars. Taxes and many other negative effects, Dai rujun said when talking about the use of 3D printing technology in the automotive field: "A car from the planned design, finalized production, medium-term modification to the final offline sound, the volume and price of the real estate market will rise together, which is difficult to reproduce. The supply of housing will increase with the implementation of affordable housing, so in the next few years, there may be a greater breakthrough in the wall paint driven by affordable housing, but the house price does not rise, it is difficult to increase the housing sales, and the furniture industry should not be overly optimistic, so furniture paint should not blindly value the affordable housing in the 12th Five Year Plan.

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