The hottest self starting 40kW gasoline generator

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According to analysts, the treatment and recycling of waste plastics in recent years idth=650;} "Title=" unmanned self starting 40kW gasoline generator "alt=" unmanned self starting 40kW gasoline generator "/>

2. Constant voltage and constant current: the voltage and current value is continuously adjustable from zero to the additional value

3. Overcurrent alarm: when the power input current exceeds the current setting asylum value, the audible and visual alarm will be given

4. Overvoltage protection: when the power input voltage exceeds the voltage setting asylum value, it will trip. Shelter policy, good protection of the market

5. Short circuit protection: durable short circuit or short circuit startup is allowed under any task condition

6. Overload protection: power supply or The load is faulty, and the power supply trips.

7. Short circuit alarm: when the input voltage is lower than 1% of the additional value, the power supply audible and visual alarm

8. Input display: voltage and current are displayed by LED digital display at the same time

9. Pulse task: the time controller can be configured to form a pulse skilled power supply (optional)

10. Intellectualization: it can be connected with the computer, Intelligent power supply (optional)

features of 40kW gasoline generator with unmanned self starting:

1. Obvious low-noise function, and the noise limit of the unit is 60dB (a) (7m away from the unit)

2. All units are designed with compact layout, small volume, novel and beautiful appearance

3. Multilayer fence impedance mismatch sound insulation cover

4. Efficient noise reduction multi-channel air inlet and exhaust, air inlet and exhaust channels, ensure the abundant power function of the unit

5. Large impedance composite silencing system, so that everyone can operate and work normally in the future

6. Large capacity fuel injector

7. Special quick opening cover plate for convenient protection and maintenance

contact the German law and wind; 1ul F1 shows that the material can also be used outdoors

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