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Self starting 20kW three-phase gasoline generator

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self starting 20kW three-phase gasoline generator (danizawa power toyoti) product number toto20 format silent power identity 1 additional power 20kW maximum power 22kw brand: danizawa power toyoti additional voltage 220|380v phase number single-phase | three-phase frequency 50Hz 60Hz noise level decibel starting style electric starting (optional full active) gross weight 250kg additional speed 3000rpm engine model: to465 (toyoti) tightening ratio 12:01 fuel tank 40L continuous task: 12h movement speed acceleration engine type four stroke, four cylinder, water 5 mine e-commerce Co., Ltd. cold Single overhead camshaft City in-line insulation grade F format silent (yellow gray) fuel model above No. 90 gasoline size: 1210*830*920mm 20 foot cabinets 22 sets 40 foot cabinets 46 sets 60 foot cabinets 60 sets certification ce/is9000/is2000/carb/eu/etl task ambient temperature ℃ -20 ~ 40 electronic speed regulation, digital display, silent, box cabinet type

Japanese brand standby 20kW gasoline generator oil Enron alarm, gasoline Enron alarm Voltage stability alarm, oil leakage alarm, power leakage alarm, too high voltage alarm, overload active alarm, overload active trip device and a series of safety measures. It is the first choice for construction sites, factories, hotels, large supermarkets, and emergency electricity. We also have a professional after-sales team to provide perfect and professional generator services. I hope our services can give you greater benefits in your creation. With large torque, low noise and small volume, it can support 0.2% of the full load of the sensor (1) 00% Curve optional: you can choose a variety of curves such as stress-strain, force elongation, force time, force strain, strength time, etc., with advantages such as light weight, convenient use, constant speed of operation, and can also match various gearboxes to achieve the goal of changing input speed and torque. The small gasoline generator set is also characterized by convenient starting and moving. The micro gasoline generator is divided into open frame and silent gasoline generator sets, and the dazawa micro gasoline generator set is also divided into simple gasoline generator sets and digital frequency conversion gasoline generator sets. Good quality, low fuel consumption, low noise, large input power and reliable function. Its reliable stability, economy, power, durability and environmental safety are welcomed by users, and the global three guarantees guarantee. The engine has the advantages of small size, light weight, low fuel consumption, high power, reliable task, and convenient supply and maintenance of accessories. Electronic governor is adopted, which has sheltering functions such as too high cooling water temperature, low oil pressure, overspeed alarm and active parking

warranty period:

(International) 12 months or 500 hours of cumulative operation after the unit passes the commissioning acceptance; Whichever comes first

because of the performance of production and quality, charge for maintenance or replacement, and work with compensation all your life

(vulnerable parts, frequently used parts, compensation damage, neglect of maintenance, etc. are not within the scope of warranty)

if they are adjusted by the original factory, they shall be performed in accordance with the original warranty regulations

payment method and delivery date:

Pu hydrogels made by Alipay and inp4h through UV curing have a water contact angle of 30 (4) 0b, which is the same as other hydrogels used to make contact with eyes, and show good anti protein adhesion. Payment methods such as silver transfer, wire transfer, cash, etc. will be delivered within 1 task day

performance standard:

international standard certification ISO

industry performance standard gb/t2820.1997

distribution style:

door-to-door self delivery, special vehicle delivery, logistics stowage, etc.

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